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It is this postulate that reigns supreme throughout the eminent literary critic's latest book.
Einstein postulated that elecricity is faster than light.
The heroes and rulers of that ancient continent, they postulate, inspired classical Greek mythology.
Euclidean system of geometry based on the postulate that within a plane every pair of lines intersects.
That is, it is easy to postulate the supremacy of mankind's survival as a value.
Photon or the quanta of light was postulated long ago by Newton.
Bullish analysts postulate that valuations of vulnerable tech companies will not go much lower.
But Hubbell started from a postulate that most consider preposterous: that one tree or one bird is just like any other.
Let's postulate for a second that the government is not involved.
Those that postulate this are not unlike the religious folks who are waiting for the end of the world.
They led many astronomers to postulate that they weren't as distant as the general consensus had them to be.
Once you postulate a new approach to an existing problem, engineers take it and run with it.
The pretension that such information can be quantified has the value of a postulate and no more than that.
They can effortlessly fail at the founding postulate level with a parity-odd probe.
But be aware that these current scientific hypotheses do not all postulate that matter did in fact come from nothing.
Used and accurately applied their mental model of the world to postulate a physical explanation for findings.

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