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The good news is that, as this article suggests, global warming will have positive as well as negative effects.
The world of positive psychology is vast and varied.
Encourage students to share their own positive and negative views as well as their sense of historical views of wolves.
It's opened up the term and it's become more positive than ever before.
People's reactions were always positive.
Now suppose that I take a positive charge from the negative side of the capacitor and move it to the positive side.
But I cannot so readily distinguish between this moral law and our positive law.
My experience couldn't have been more positive.
It should grab a chance to do something more positive.
British researchers showed that we are better at detecting words that carry negative meaning than those that are positive.
You're proof positive that this method is indeed best.
And it happens to continue to help undermine the feudal underpinning in a really positive way.
The cowboy was a positive image, as opposed to the hillbilly, which was considered a negative image.
The ability to attract positive attention-that's key-and to communicate clearly an interesting idea about a product or service.
The psychologic method may be applied, however, without connection with the positive or evolutionary philosophy.
They wanted a positive programme, and my notions of good government were nothing if not positive.
There can be no question that as a matter of morals it's a positive crime to give this chap a farthing.
But there has been a positive increase of the big game during the last two or three decades.
There also seems to be a bias towards publishing positive results.
The positive electrodes are often made from lithium iron phosphate.
Positive thinking is a way to avoid what is considered negativity.
It is true that, in the short run, trade is not always positive for everyone affected by it.
Many economists regarded these developments as positive.
Such persistence is usually interpreted by students of rodent behaviour as evidence of a more positive mood.
But he generally sees it as positive response to globalisation.
He says the new budget is a positive development, though the mayor has not yet tackled a looming pensions crisis.
The participants' faces are studied for positive or negative feelings.
Instead, lured by three years of positive returns in bond markets, they are switching to fixed-income securities.
There are some positive health effects to be gleaned from the data.
We therefore expect the foreign balance to continue to make a positive contribution to growth.
They cannot distinguish between normative and positive statements.
Scientists find a strange connection between physical pain and positive emotions.
In this state of mind, between sleep and awareness, the chance of a positive sentence be accepted is much intensified.
Positive results inject life into strategy to treat heart disease.
He surrounded himself with family and friends, watched numerous comedy films and sought out positive affirmations.
First, a photoconductive surface is given a positive electrical charge.
What he said was that he didn't think that a positive outlook had anything to do with it.
And while the positive effects are disappearing, addiction is under way.
Also, positive and negative selection occur among the cells of the immune system.
The mind can go either direction under stress-toward positive or toward negative: on or off.
Think of it as a spectrum whose extremes are unconsciousness at the negative end and hyperconsciousness at the positive end.
His urine sample tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.
My letter is strong and expresses nothing but a positive overview of her performance.
But two responses are in order, one negative and one positive.
The only letters you want sent out on your behalf are positive letters.
However, offsetting the positive aspects are several disadvantages.
In total, the center's message has been overwhelmingly positive for higher education.
Generally the results have been positive but never spectacularly successful.
Sooner or later, you will attract positive attention.
More important, this new perspective could have a positive effect on student success.
With job growth accelerating and wages rising, every indicator is turning positive.
Its focus is on creating a positive experience that will influence you over the longer-term.
Here, the objective is to seed positive ideas and memories that will attract you to the brand.
The only authentic knowledge is that which is based on sense, experience and positive verification.
Once luxury companies start rebounding, that's generally a positive sign for economic recovery.
Third, if it runs discursive prose, the essays and reviews are overwhelmingly positive.
But it's for that reason that his failure can be taken, in some way, as a positive sign for the country.
His father had explained that the journal was for positive wants, not negative wants.
There's no viable positive stance to take on her live work.
Here the negative and the positive are inseparable: without shadow, no brilliance.
The record is mixed, of course, but the mixture is largely positive.
Positive selection occurs when a specific gene gives its carriers some advantage over others who lack the gene.
People keen to make a positive impression on a new acquaintance might want to meet over a hot drink, a new study suggests.
There can also be unintended effects, which can be positive but often are negative.
The discovery marks the first positive evidence that glacial surge follows an ice shelf collapse.
Students may discern the positive correlation between total fertility rates and maternal mortality ratio.
Others see the purported event in a positive light, as heralding the dawn of a new era in human consciousness.
Still, over more than ten years, the bottom line of billions of measurements has been positive.
The locals seem to appreciate travelers and try to facilitate positive experiences.
On the positive side, fuel oil evaporates faster than crude oil.
We should have a positive view about our role in space exploration.
It is a positive step that they are saying it will be managed for tourism not commercial use.
Behind any given launch, one will often find a mayor or party looking for a topic that will cast them in a positive light.
Truly beautiful and energetic, positive story and photographs.
Each contact in the battery compartment has both positive and negative terminals.
Both groups had positive outcomes with no side effects.
More sales, more algorithm-fueled recommendations, and the positive feedback loop kicked in.
Linear regression revealed a positive correlation in amygdala size with both social network size and complexity.
Electricity flowing through the jar dissolved zinc off the positive plate and deposited it on the negative plate.
Well, it will be a positive only if he learns from his transgression.
It appears to be a change that people value in a positive way.
So far, four riders have tested positive for use of performance-enhancing drugs.
Lacking a strong positive ideology, and built up on flimsy networks of personal loyalty, it has nothing to make it coherent.
There have been many unintended consequences, both positive and negative, of the rapid proliferation of powerful chess software.
But proposals for positive action to dig us out of the hole we're in are few and far between.
Yet despite this almost obsessive expenditure of positive energy, he suffered from lifelong depression.
But he also says something more positive about philosophy.
It illustrates the interplay effect of positive and negative feedbacks.
It's much harder to write a positive and enthusiastic one.
In the event you reside in the cold environment, make positive the dehumidifier is capable of functioning at small temperatures.
She had no family history of colorectal cancer and a review of systems was positive for abdominal bloating.
And, in fairness, another company has a similar approach with positive data.
One positive side effect of the media frenzy is that autism science is finally getting its due.
But a positive portrayal here and there can help lower the barriers between scientists and everyone else.
When the cosmological constant is positive, dark energy is literally pushing space itself apart.
Sometimes increasing height is not always a positive selection.
Here, the science of enhancement is itself portrayed in a positive light.
Freshwater is first funneled into the battery, which houses a positive and negative electrode.
The positive reaction the movie received came as a total shock.
Before she can make a positive identification, the light is green, and we're off.
To everyone's amazement, these experiments sent back positive results.
Each capsule contains millions of particles, each of which has either a positive or negative charge.
To keep them open, engineers apply a voltage--a positive voltage on the shutter itself and a negative voltage on the back wall.
Light generates electrons and positive carriers and they have to be transported.
The darker side then absorbed more sunlight, making it warmer and increasing the rate of sublimation in a positive feedback cycle.
The model captures the benefit or disadvantage by allowing it take a positive or negative value.
And then there's the not-so-positive aspects of privacy issues and wireless attacks on the e-implants.
Also, off the subject, consider positive effects of niche markets for some technologies.
In fact, many forgeries by professional artists still test positive for being modified.
If it isn't positive, the devices do not improve sustainability at all.
Here, the battery is ready to be charged, with positive magnesium and negative antimony ions dissolved in the electrolyte.
There needs to be a positive connection to the skeletal structure of the body, not a corset tightened around an arm or a leg.
Thanks for your positive input about wireless power transmission.
The benefits are also doubled when some residents become energy positive--sell energy.
Oh, it might get a lot of glowing lip-service, the way positive campaigning and unity politics do.
Then the holes can be plugged several weeks later, once you're positive that the bees have been killed.
To attract positive qi, he installed a water fountain, rearranged the furniture and moved a mirror.

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