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Example sentences for posit

So let me posit something equally fair.
What I'm saying is, posit your conclusions as questions to the group.
Other scientists posit information as a basic building block of the universe, like energy and matter.
Participants record short videos in which they ask a question or posit their opinion about whatever is on their mind.
Others posit that such fat could serve as reserves in times when food is scarce.
Some people posit that mysteries are a solid and orderly form in what is for us a very disorderly time.
Don't posit something that most other nations have.
By and large, the Enlightenment did not posit disbelief in a deity.
Or - to posit another possible idea - what if he is thinking ahead.
Game theorists posit that even suicide bombers are rational actors.
They posit the wrong actual distance, then try to match the object they see with the wrong actual size.
Also, the reason for the attraction need not necessarily be as much a stretch as some posit.
Please if your are going to posit hypotheticals please use data that is a bit closer to reality.
Animal rights theories posit that moral status is not graded but binary.
But they posit an array of sensible suggestions that could help curb soaring delays.
Researchers posit that the melanocyte die-off may be a way for the body to shed potentially cancerous, radiation-stressed cells.
No longer was it necessary to posit two distinct types of matter.

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