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Example sentences for podium

HE stood behind the podium and appeared to look into the audience, but he could not see.
But he faced many barriers before he ever got to a podium.
As journalists applauded, jostling photographers had to be restrained from rushing the podium.
Looking at the fleet as it stands, the podium is wide open.
He takes the podium and greets the crowd in a soft voice.
Supporters and detractors were called to testify at a podium a few feet from the president.
As he had during each visit, the search-committee chair approached the podium.
Looking up is also helpful because your voice will project more clearly when not aimed at the table or podium.
You're talking to them, not muttering into the podium.
He did smile happily after he mounted the victory podium to the familiar top step.
There is hardly room behind the podium for all the authorities trying to get a piece of this one.
He normally looks down and walks carefully to and from the podium.
He doubled over before rising to receive his awards on the podium.
He is far more entertaining than the guy with the charts awkwardly reading from his notes at the podium.
She stepped up to the podium and waffled about something or other in the distance.
The drone of the climatologist is cut off as the denier shoves him aside, taking the podium.
Then the guy comes up to me and says you can't use the microphone, you've got to get up and talk at the podium.
Listeners who were equally annoyed by their neighbors' unmuted hacking applauded when he stepped off the podium.
If you must have these, they go on index cards, spread across the podium.
Nearby are two four-story podium buildings, as well as five three- and four-story on-grade buildings.
Frank ambled to the podium in his standard uniform: a monochromatic suit, a white shirt, and a rep tie.
When he comes to the podium to make his victory speech after his latest defeat, he radiates ecstatic kindliness.
He seemed slightly anxious, but excited, as he took the podium to address the crowd.
In her own time, she will lure you to her podium, send you reeling with her fragrant mystery oils.
The podium is a big, brushed-steel cone, narrow at the base and flaring out as it goes up.
She stood at a podium as prime minister-elect, amid a sea of jostling and ill-tempered photographers.
He bounded to the podium, handsome in a sharp dark suit, and unleashed a booming voice.
Alternately thundering and whispering from the podium, he wove together biblical, historical and apocalyptic themes.
When she won a prize at high school, she took the podium and announced that she was a burakumin and proud of it.
Better yet, winners could exit the stage by crowd surfing from the podium.
Harry, on the other hand, took the podium to thunderous applause.
There will be up to four additional levels of parking above the private podium level.
The image below shows the podium with its touch screen monitor and laptop connections.

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