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Someone in the audience did pluck up the courage to ask what set them apart.
Most thumb-pickers use a flexible plastic pick on their thumb to pluck the strings.
Adept hunters, osprey dive from far above the surface to pluck fish from the water.
Mistaking them for berries, birds pluck the seeds from fruit and excrete them over a wide territory.
The officials said another search was under way this evening after the initial rescue effort failed to pluck him from the waters.
But leave one or two nose hairs in case you need something to pluck to induce a stuck sneeze.
Rich brown in color, oilbirds have powerful hooked beaks that they use to pluck fruit while hovering in the air.
Another hypothesis is that primates needed to see well to pluck fruits from the ends of tree branches.
The keyboard sends signals to hammers that mechanically pluck the guitar strings when activated.
The planes are designed to pluck all kinds of communications from the air.
Find out how he helped pioneer wildlife photography with a boxful of prints and a whole lot of pluck.
The genre is filled with throwbacks, outdated shapes that pluck your heartstrings but don't make much sense for modern life.
The arms move up and down in tandem when you gently pluck them forward.
Then he heads home to pluck the teeny bullet out with his tweezers.
As an adult, in moments of extreme stress, she has the compulsion to claw at her eyes as if to pluck them out.
They swab the cheeks of strangers and pluck hairs from corpses.
Harvesters pluck the package-caterpillar larva and parasitic fungus-whole from the ground.
He will attend to the machinery by which the burglars will drop from the ceiling of the museum and pluck the dagger from its case.
Or, they slip into a cafe and pluck a croissant from a laden basket to dip into dark espresso.
Perhaps she truly did wow the curmudgeon with her pluck, particularly as the pluck was backed with an intelligent argument.
Big-time college sports teams routinely pluck coaches from smaller programs with fewer resources.
If you raise these tasty posies with identical care, you can pluck them from your own garden for dining.
Think of it as the speed at which the air needs to be moving in order for it to be able to pluck out grains.
Cote's technology uses filters to pluck large, wandering cancer cells from the blood.
In the positive column, he could see well enough to pluck the hair that grew out of his left earlobe every so often.
Every single string you pluck on stage to tune between songs kills the vibe.
Then it thins out again, tapering down to one last pluck of the cello.
He will pluck a blood vessel and tuck it gently behind her ear.
Different people hear it and pluck it out of the ether and write songs.
B ut let's recast the story as a triumphal, even uplifting tale of pluck and achievement.
Those you must pluck, though they will burn your hands into blisters.
Because you cannot pluck people out of the past and expect them to comment on what's happening today.
Some people were stuck in office towers and firefighters climbed ladders to pluck people trapped on roofs to safety.
During a stroll, you'll be able to pluck cherry tomatoes and kumquats off abundant vines.
Housewives used to bring in a chicken and chop its head off and pluck it and disembowel it and clean it up.
Nano tweezers may pluck off transistor production time.
Soak squirrel in water or spray and pluck hair from the base of the tail.
Its beak is short and slightly hooked at the tip, to pluck insects from the surfaces of leaves or branches.
Feathers fly as the eagles pluck their prey on the spot.
They hunt over shallow bodies of water and dive feet first to pluck a fish from the surface.
Tea cultivators and pluckers, employees of tea growers, cultivate tea bushes and pluck tea leaves.
To prepare ducks, cut the wings off at the joints, remove the head and pluck out the pinfeathers.
If you're lucky, you might spot an eagle fly off the trees to pluck a fish from the water.
If you pluck and sample a green persimmon, expect an astringent, bitter flavor you won't soon forget.
Swoops from hunting perches, or soaring flight, to pluck fish from water.
Reach down and pluck a leaf, crush it in your hand and smell it.
First, they pluck rocks from bedrock by either freezing on to it or by ripping rocks from subglacial ledges.
Another project is to find out why double-crested cormorants tend to pluck catfish fingerlings out of some ponds but not others.
Boats and helicopters were used to rescue people from the cold waters and pluck them off roof tops.

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