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So the public's on a level playing field with everyone else.
Take turns placing your magnets onto the playing field.
Dozens of spectators in crisp khakis or seersucker suits tramp the playing field in rubber-and-leather duck boots.
Supporters usually take a rooster with them and release the bird onto the playing field.
Cull the harp seal population, say fishermen, and you level the playing field.
Great athletes are often said to experience time on the playing field in a kind of slow motion.
Right now, both parties pretty much know the playing field.
That's no way to level the playing field, no matter how you look at it.
All these people have a sort of parlay mentality and they need to get on the playing field before they can start running it up.
No argument here, except that you still seem to think world energy markets are fair and the playing field is level.
Brown says government incentives are already leveling the playing field.
Nano-processing of materials has changed the playing field.
If religions deserve more respect than that, let those who think so demonstrate it on a level playing field.
He also noted that the company will also be looking at other steps it can take to help level the playing field for admissions.
Insist the playing field is made even-and then get slammed for being a cheat.
Animals engage in two activities that help create an equal and fair playing field: self-handicapping and role-reversing.
Rather, the process should be reviewed to prevent future similar acts and level the playing field.
But it must be made more flexible to level the playing field and suit the modern realities of professors' lives.
Sadly the first time that many have ever had a level playing field is after admission to medical or professional school.
The great thing about legislation is that it moves faster than consumer influence, and legislation levels the playing field.
But until the playing field is level, it's inconsistent to complain about solar subsidies.
The system is not objective and the playing field is not level.
Mutations that remove them from the playing field would be selected for.
For any country that doesn't go along with this effort, a tariff will be slapped on their imports to even out the playing field.
It is up to government to make sure people are safe and that the playing field is level.
Do away with useless subsidies to corn growers for the biofuels industry and level the playing field.
Let's put everybody on the same level playing field.
To level the playing field, renewables would need the same level of support that fossil fuels have enjoyed for over a century.
If it is not pulled off the playing field at the speed of light its affects would still be known in this dimension.
Not only does doping skew the playing field, it also skews the feeder system.
On this uneven playing field, no one could fairly compare your performance with that of your friends.
These smaller companies began looking for a less crowded playing field.
Everyone's hippocampus was on a similarly level playing field.
Alternatively, every new advancement can potentially level the playing field.
And once every few centuries a theory or idea arises which completely changes the playing field.
He's someone she can trust and someone who's on the same playing field as her, and he loves her and dotes on her.
He said it's never a level playing field for prisoners when they get out of jail.
In a perfect meritocracy, maybe that would be enough to level the playing field.
What people need to realize is it's not about leveling the existing playing field, but creating an entirely new one.
It's really once again demonstrated that the ultimate performance enhancer is indeed the mustache on the athletic playing field.
Whatever the game might be, the playing field would remain level.
In a closely divided country it may not take many votes to tilt the electoral playing field.
One objective to allowing the private market to play a bigger role in mortgage financing would be to level the playing field.
It isn't competing on the same playing field as netbooks.
All these companies need is a reasonably level playing field.
They must also hire lawyers to defend themselves against attacks by other lawyers on a playing field built by lawyers.
Because the tax code was increasingly fiddled to tilt the playing field.
Farmers should be on a level playing field with all other commercial activities that emit greenhouse gases.
It should be a level playing field with both funded.
The pro-nuclear side is finally considering employing similar tactics, to level the playing field.
Instead governments should make sure that the two forms of software compete on a level playing field and can comingle efficiently.
Organizations need to be more committed to leveling the playing field.
But there is a concern across the political spectrum that the playing field is not level right now.
There are no last-minute bits of legislation to change the whole playing field.
It's absolutely, positively time to level the playing field.
Domestic content regulations would even out the playing field.
It doesn't make sense to have both of them on the same playing field.
The robots are pitted against one another on a playing field, and the best-designed, wiliest bots rise to the top.
The herbivore then moves off the playing field to a designated area.
Too many kids are returning to the playing field too soon after a concussion.
The proof of baseball's parity is on the playing field.
At the same time, many independent legal experts still see the court as tilting the playing field.
Tilting the playing field back toward level isn't as simple as tweaking marginal tax rates.
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