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The fear of the disease and the reality of loss after loss, of course, impacted everyone who was touched by this modern plague.
As the disease took on the dimensions of a plague, it swept away notions that great pandemics belong to history.
In the Swedes' defense, the bunnies are a menace; a plague of wild and stray pet rabbits is devouring the city's parks.
The very devils cannot plague them better.
Arctic air is expected to remain across much of the south through the weekend, which would continue to plague citrus crops.
It shouldn't take a crime this horrific, however, to draw attention to the plague of inner-city crime.
We may not slaughter animals anymore to ward off a plague, but we think buying health insurance will keep us from getting sick.
Such problems plague other fire-prone parts of Europe.
Team unbalance is one of the worst plagues for a multiplayer game.
The insects are considered snacks in the Arab country, which is suffering its worst locust plague since 1993.
Nightmares and images of violence plague a family at their summer lake house.
It ruins everything it touches like a plague.
The possibility that the plague could be stopped for good carried sweet promise indeed.
There's a reason the word plague figures so prominently in history texts.
Thus took form the easy cohabitation of egalitarian ideology and savage coercion that was to plague the next two centuries.
They boarded up houses in which plague appeared and fled to the countryside.
Simple pneumonia could be as lethal as the bubonic plague.
The local climate has changed, and dust storms now plague the region.
The body louse, a plague to humans and our ancestors for millions of years, subsists exclusively on our unwitting hospitality.
She had a hunch the chromosomally abnormal eggs that plague human pregnancies were tied to our hormones.
In the past, a ship full of plague casualties could be turned away from port.
Torn tendons, muscles and ligaments plague athletes in many types of sports.
We have a plague of flies in the office, hovering only in the kitchen.
The errors and multiple entries that plague existing systems ought to be purged.
The oil industry is a strain, even a plague for governments.
Medical opinion had it that such exposure to hot water could open up the skin and let the plague, or other ills, in.
There were several reasons why tuberculosis, the so-called white plague, returned.
During the time of the bubonic plague, cats were persecuted along with witches.
He would create instead of destroy, despite the economic plague.
The plague bacteria are maintained in the blood systems of rodents.
Plague-causing bacteria are still present in our environment today, although their effect has been dramatically abated.

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