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Most of these images play on her self-representation as barracuda and pit bull, as well as her dress and her personality.
She uses her rear flippers to scoop out a smaller hole inside the pit.
When pit bulls are raised to be good dogs, the vast majority of them become good family pets.
Locals say jinn-genies, that is-fade in and out above the pit.
Insert the tip of a paring knife into the tip of the pit and carefully pry pit out.
As usual with alternative rock shows, the mosh pit dominated the event.
But companies are digging themselves out of a deep pit.
The first silent films had been accompanied by a pit orchestra or, for the more frugally minded impresario, a lone piano.
It makes me get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and want to vomit.
It's humbling to pit your wits against these junior geographic geniuses.
Wood burning can be done cleanly, even in an open pit.
There's no shortage of video games that pit a shotgun-toting cop against an undead army.
Large conch shells mark the corners and sides of the burial pit.
Hand over the comp card to the dealer or the pit boss whenever you sit down at a table.
Rather than pit training against university preparation, they are trying to integrate the two.
Mixing from the repeated use of the fire pit may or may not explain the messy order.
Waters clambers down into a shadowy pit where a small hive of excavators edge their trowels into an ancient floodplain.
With a small group of graduate students, he struggles to dig a pit.
Slots pit humans against maths, and the maths always win.
Using this organ, a pit viper can tell another creature's location, even in the dark.
Pouring any more money into this bottomless pit is useless.
They also make pit stops at the booth for free dental checkups and the booth for psychological counseling.
After carefully smashing each of these with hammers, they tossed them into the pit.
She shifts from side to side until she has a pit wider than her body.
Crew members glue the lug nuts onto the wheels to ensure they're readily at hand during pit stops.
Clingstones typically need to be cut away from the pit and are best puréed or turned into preserves.
Within a few hours, apricots must be sliced in half and placed on drying racks, with the pit side facing the sun.
Sometimes you also realize it would be a money pit--which would matter for a rental too.
His ignorance and unconquerable suspicion of strangers dig the pit into which he falls.
It was not a pleasant task for one to stand in the mud-pit for hours, with the mud up to his knees.
Ask the pit boss for a specific comp when you are done playing at the tables.
Where abundant capital is available, the preferred method is open-pit mining.
Whatever the bait, once the predator was lured into the mud pit, it quickly forgot its prey.
Indians pit-roasted the bland bulbs with other leaves, and also boiled them, which yielded a good syrup.
Where the trapline and the cabin once were, and the forest, there is now a large open-pit mine.
The desert below was marked by open pit after open pit, heap-leach pad after heap-leach pad, tailings pond after tailings pond.
The eyelash pit viper is accurate enough to catch hummingbirds on the wing.
They'd hike sections in between stints at home, nights in motels or occasional pit stops.
One would think that open-pit coal mining would destroy fossils.
The tree gave way, sending tiger and elephant into a deep pit.
In the pit, fighting broke out among believers and nonbelievers.
There are bathrooms and a cafeteria at the site as well as a fire pit for overnight campers, who must bring their own wood.
About a dozen similarly garbed celebrants sat cross-legged on pillows before a platform with an open pit in the middle.
We can pit it against three others with nearly indistinguishable features, no problem.
The corners of the burial pit are marked with large conch shells.
It simply brought indoors the technology of the luau pit or the clambake.
Pit stops in backwater towns inevitably mean that decent meals can be few and far between.
Tiny cars can fare well in standard crash tests that pit a vehicle against a wall.
For example, it may seem obvious that both a poodle and a pit bull are dogs.
Fortune magazine had a good article about the pit falls of ethanol a few months ago.
Busch was able to keep the engine fired and rumble to his pit.
Detected little things: a peach-pit basket watch-chain charm, an ivory.
The impulse to pit one orchestra against another is as regrettable as it is irresistible.
They built a fire in a shallow pit, about eight feet long and six feet wide.
From the pit of a cherry he carved a ring of thirty-six elephants, each holding in its trunk the tail of the elephant before it.
In the middle of the island was an elevated platform that could be used for performances or to hold a fire pit.
We duly reach the pit of this descent: a single file of females, linking hands and lining up to be violated in perpetual night.
The orchestra pit is as large as the ordinary stage.
The electricians' dugout is as large as the ordinary orchestra pit.
Flannel-clad fans expecting a mosh pit might be disappointed.
The two other early games pit middling major conference teams against each other, a novel situation, but also not much of a draw.
The only thing worse than a huge stinking pit of manure may be a huge stinking and foaming pit of manure that blows up the barn.
The effigy was laid to rest in a pit with the tools of his trade: a thong smoother, a hunting arrow, and the jaws of a horse.
The first two mounds sit astride a central pit, where the operation's next phase will begin.
At one of the site's two excavations, the broken bits stick out from the earthen walls of a large square pit.
Pit members of the same minority against each other for the benefit of privileged white bystanders hoarding their poker chips.
Each area is designated for different age groups, except the foam pit.
Pit craters are circular-shaped craters formed by the sinking or collapse of the ground.
For agonizing minutes the carnage continues, until the soldiers' job is done and the pit smolders with an almost visible stench.

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Whoever digs a pit will fall into it; and whoever breaks through a wall will be bitten by a snake.... more
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