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Example sentences for pincers

Or how about sending down some mechanical pincers to crush that pipe closed.
Some robots have three claws that can act as pincers to pick things up.
Pincers poised and eyes gleaming, a bulldog ant surveys its surroundings.
The pincers close in stages as you squeeze the handles, providing gentle pressure.
Well, then, bring on the thumbscrews and the pincers and the electrodes and the rack.
Armored bugs wielding ferocious pincers crawl out of the prettiest flowers.
Pincers taped shut and useless, the one-pound lobster struggling to escape to nowhere.
The body is stout, and the pincers are broad and powerful.
It has a blue-green head and pincers and a dark, rust-brown carapace.
The pincers have numerous blackish specks on their basal parts.
They know she's there, and they raise their pincers to try to defend themselves.
The pincers, carapace and abdomen are without conspicuous dark specks or blotches.
The pincers are large and heavy, unequal in size and nearly smooth.
The bark scorpion uses its pincers to hold its prey, then paralyzes or kills it by injecting venom through its stinger.
Pincers on the chelipeds are blue in males and red in mature females.
Possessing distinct pincers at the tip of their abdomens, earwigs are nocturnal insects capable of limited flight.
In some species, the first pair of legs are equipped with large pincers modified for grasping offensively or defensively.

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