pastiche in a sentence

Example sentences for pastiche

The memos are generally an impressionistic pastiche of ideas, observations and links to outside sources.
Pastiche is not a judgmental word but a description of the musical.
It continues with our heads bent over a disorganized pastiche of nonstandard sentences set in one enormous paragraph.
Appearing in a pastiche of one of your earlier films is never a wise move.
It's a pastiche world, lovingly glued together from bits and pieces of remembered stories.
Some designers are good at doing a modern-looking pastiche or tear-sheeting ideas from magazines and updating them.
It's a piece-meal pastiche of brilliantly edited mythology, which served its purpose well.
His voting record is a pastiche that offers ammunition for both parties.
One knows at once who is the object of this pastiche.
Down in the caverns, the experience becomes a full-bore cinematic pastiche.
He has said his rant was part fiction, part commentary and part literary pastiche that he didn't intend literally or seriously.
Sprawling pastiche of an eighteenth-century historical romance.
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