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Example sentences for paper money

To protect themselves, savers are buying gold, getting rid of their paper money.
With its presses running nonstop, the bureau prints billions of dollars in paper money and billions of postage stamps annually.
Paper money may lose its value, but gold is always worth something.
Fold different types of paper money in a different way.
Law's insight was that economic activity could be boosted by the use of paper money that was not backed by gold and silver.
And in an emergency gold is more likely to hold its value than paper money.
The era of paper money and floating exchange rates had arrived.
Paper money only works, if enough people believe what it represents.
Its almost sad, yet comical to think gold will ever rival paper money.
But the currency school thought the problem was paper money and didn't see the problem with credit expansion.
There's a big difference between the two however, since by holding paper money one loses purchasing power.
It is no longer necessary to write a check, swipe a credit card or handle paper money.

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The thief steals from himself. The swindler swindles himself. For the real price is knowledge and virtue, whereof wealth... more
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