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Multi-million-dollar health clubs with tanning facilities, espresso bars, and lit palm trees.
The winning gladiator collected prizes that might include a palm of victory, cash and a crown for special valor.
The smallest living primates are mouse lemurs, able to fit in the palm of a human hand.
More than a hundred can fit in the palm of a hand, and poachers fill their pockets or even small coolers.
After emptying the bullets into his palm, he showed me two pistols and a derringer.
The streets are lined with palm trees and pickup trucks.
She covered the plastic with her palm, to retain the glue's power.
She stared at her palm closely, with her head on one side.
Dot's anxious thoughts throbbed against the lean palm.
She stood among them, calm and erect, as one of her own native palm-trees waving alone in the desert.
Pick a smooth stone that fits in your palm, has a uniform thickness, and is neither too heavy nor too light.
Not for the palm by the door or the tall cactus, but for the distinguished architects who are hanging out in the upper corners.
Hold your arms out with your palm oriented vertically, as if you were trying to shake someone's hand.
The scientists noticed a yeasty smell wafting from a local palm.
It turns out the palm's nectar has as much alcohol as some beer does.
Vast tracts of tropical rainforest have been replaced by palm oil plantations for food and biofuels, satellite imagery reveals.
The authors recommend oranges, oil palm and cashew as possible alternatives.
They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go.
He ought to have known better than to try to palm off his miserable impositions upon this intelligent audience.
We only see him testing its strength on his own palm.
Prolonged pressure on the base of the palm may also damage part of the ulnar nerve.
Then make the same gesture, but with your palm facing your body.
The palm-size creatures are primates-the group that includes apes and humans.
The locals say palm trees here grow legs and walk to find more sunlight.
The animals are rapidly losing habitat to palm oil plantations.
The garden's orchids, bromeliads, palm and guava trees underscore the tropical locale.
They are reluctant to import palm oil because of the adverse ecological impact of the palm plantations.
The palm trees, surfers and redwoods are still there.
Palm had a wonderful system, but lost a patent fight.
The case for action currently feels so weak that it can be held off with a flat palm of refusal-to-engage.
Park yourself at the counter, from where you can watch the chef prepare your sushi with a deft squeeze of the palm.
He can project a phone pad onto his palm and dial a number without removing the phone from his pocket.
Sprint's build is slim, with a tapered silhouette that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.
He made more money than he had at the palm-oil grove, but remained desperately poor.
Their home is perched high on a green hillside, and from the back the ground plunges into a verdant valley of palm branches.

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It doth amaze me A man of such a feeble temper should So get the start of the majestic world And bear the palmmore
Saint, saintliness is a long way off. It is like a tall and beautiful palm tree. If you climb it, you drink... more
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