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Compare that to convenience stores, pharmacies overhead costs.
At my university, the athletics department gets funds from the general and instruction dollars and research overhead.
Tobias compares the overhead costs of various kinds of insurance.
The cost of our government is an overhead expense on taxpayers and business should be income providers to taxpayers.
By doing so, they create opportunities to cut payroll and overhead costs.
Even the cash-strapped airline industry has gone ticketless, removing huge labor and overhead costs.
Twice the maturation time means twice the feed, twice the labor, and higher costs for physical infrastructure and other overhead.
Finally, you don't have to worry about overhead, infrastructure or benefits costs to employee additional people.
Describes standards, reference manuals and safety tips for the application and operation of overhead material handling equipment.
One is preprofessional: preparing for a career that will put food on the table and a roof overhead.
The fireworks overhead were nothing compared with what happened on the floor.
Saguaro cacti stand in the desert as a thunderstorm rolls overhead.
The private sector will end up with that same overhead eventually.
All wait to begin peeking at the cosmic wonders emerging slowly overhead.
Avoid overhead watering, which can cause flowers to spot or droop.
The overhead vantage point of the photo is a useful one.
And the benefit isn't limited to university professors with a lot of overhead.
The overhead power problem is thus going to have to be solved one way or another.
While leaves tumble from trees this fall, another natural wonder is soaring overhead.
Henry made sure that the blue jays that swooped overhead feasted, too.
Imagine sipping your tea or wine in the dappled light of your own backyard arbor bench, your favorite vine overhead.
If you live in a border town, expect to hear it flying overhead.
The viewer hears the whoosh of rockets overhead and can pan up to watch the streaking missiles burn through a smoky sky.
Funds can be used for scholarships as well as staff and overhead.
The only people on the river are on the gridlocked bridge overhead.
Golden jellyfish rest relatively contentedly in place at midday when the tropical sun remains high overhead.
Fully awake, the aviators steer for the flying gas station circling overhead.
Why doesn't anyone ever suggest getting rid of administrators as a means of improving efficiency and reducing overhead.
It allows clinical staff to reach each other far more quickly than with beepers and overhead pagers.
We see long-billed curlews-huge sandpipers-twittering overhead.
There are emergency batteries located threw out the aircraft under the floor and behind overhead bins.
Makes a good overhead screen or ground cover in frost-free regions.
For one, agents are no longer bluffing when they say there are drone warplanes overhead.
It takes less than a tenth of a second for the signal from a satellite overhead to reach a receiver on the ground.
Not to mention the savings in infrastructure needs and company overhead.
Also, overhead watering defeats the shelter's purpose.
Far-off commanders can already watch battles unfold, thanks to spy drones, streaming video overhead.
He also opened the overhead luggage compartments as the plane came in to land and ignored six requests to sit down.
There is energy overhead inherent to the production of batteries.
To prevent powdery mildew, allow for air circulation between plants and avoid overhead watering.
Helicopters circle overhead and the air has a strange cloying smell.
Flood or drip-irrigate your tomatoes and never use an overhead sprinkler.
So, minimizing overhead to what was logically necessary was important.
Previous parades have involved everything from intercontinental missiles and tanks to fighter jets flown overhead.
Drip irrigation is ideal to help reduce disease problems, but overhead irrigation is satisfactory.
Those skimpy overhead bins portrayed in the picture would only hold a laptop at best.
Overhead trusses establish a repeating visual rhythm and give scale to the main room.
In electric trains, the braking energy is converted into electricity and fed back into the overhead power supply.
If you think the struggle for space in planes' overhead bins is already unseemly, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Only by owning one's own infrastructure can you avoid recurring charges, but then you have the cost of overhead and maintenance.
The clop of their hooves sounds oddly bucolic against the throaty thrum of helicopters overhead.
List them on the board or on an overhead transparency.
List cities located by students on a blackboard or overhead transparency.
May not survive winter frosts without overhead protection.
Please remember to stow your dignity in the overhead compartment for the remainder of your flight.
Then go to far end of the ladder, lift the top rung and push upward with both hands until the end of the ladder is overhead.
The lights were dimmed, and an architect hired to redesign the facility put a single page on the overhead projector.
But they fear his planes circling overhead are out to bomb them.
No ghouls and monsters will be floating overhead on wires.
Once you get on the plane you can take the tube out and put it in the overhead bin.
The rumble of thunder overhead interrupts the conversation.
As you sit down in your tiny, messy cube, fluorescent lights buzz overhead.
If you mean overhead projectors and movies with sound, say it.
Using overhead images or printouts, have students look at the drought map and tell you what they see.
And it's not clear if additional eyes in the sky or warplanes buzzing overhead will alter that lethal equation.
Overhead hangs a series of deep-red twisted-cord chandeliers.
It is quiet except for the buzz of insects and the rustling of palms overhead.
Once the compartment is flooded, a hatch is opened overhead.
Continuous speech is more or less possible without the overhead and commitment of a chat room or an instant-message session.
The innovative device pulls electricity from overhead wires, but runs with road wheels, not on rails.
The role of studios for financing and distribution is giving way to artists producing and distributing with much less overhead.
They then filmed a variety of shots from an overhead angle using a suspended video camera.
Actually the overhead of tracking my tasks gets in my way.
Not many people will welcome the prospect of thousands of vehicles flying constantly overhead.
Record student answers either on the board or an overhead projector transparency.
Cutting or consolidating programs should serve to reduce administrative overhead.
The animals' flight paths were tracked from a small plane flying overhead.
They're mounted on an overhead console above the mirror.
Technology is a tool, as is chalk or an overhead projector.
It's rare nowadays to see presentations with hand written notes on overhead projector transparencies.
The rover's computer has a timetable that determines when the orbiter is going to be overhead.
Pod cars are autonomous vehicles that provide on-demand nonstop travel on overhead tracks.
That's a lot of cables and a lot of mental overhead trying to remember to do it all.
It means more overhead to the production of actual stuff.
White lights are instant magic, strung overhead or threaded into baskets.
Overhead, a red-tailed hawk screamed out its call, agitating the little brown birds at the water's edge.
The warning growls of the gathering storm rumbled overhead.
If one was wounded its cries kept its companions circling around overhead.
On our lower gun-deck two large pieces had burst at the first fire, killing all around and blowing up overhead.
There was another inscription overhead that needed no interpreter.
There the ground was smooth and brown under foot, and the thin-stemmed trees held a dark and shadowy roof overhead.
Swayed and sighed overhead in scarcely audible whispers.
Overhead the sky was half crystalline, half misty, and the night around was chill and vibrant with rich tension.
But with helicopters circling overhead, the chancellor clearly felt under siege.
Early on, pain occurs with overhead activities and lifting your arm to the side.
While autumn leaves tumble from trees this fall, another natural wonder is soaring overhead.
The night sky was absolutely dazzling, and the millions of stars overhead enticed me out to enjoy them in secret.
Even though they are all more profitable with less overhead, they want the control more than the money.
One occurs approximately when the moon is directly overhead, the other half-a-day later.
The bigger overhead, they say, is the time needed for editors to check papers flagged by the software as suspiciously similar.
Production of energy by solar panels is known to be intermittent depending upon overhead conditions.
Insurance overhead accounts for a minority of the overhead.
Sporadic gunfire from insurgents down the main road flies harmlessly overhead.
Besides, moisture was less of a problem in the overhead lines more typical of the times.
The only sound is of helicopters overhead, dropping water on the fires.
The same is of course true of minting currency, but the overhead is much less.
So, let's face it: quite a lot of that money went to bureaucratic overhead.
Bundles of wire are hidden under people's feet and strung overhead, and upon those slender cables communications thrum.
Retailers get some fun later and even the hospital likely gets some more customers to smooth their overhead across.
It's called heat lightning because it is seen more frequently on hot summer nights when the sky overhead is clear.
If the overhead bins fill up before your row is called, the crew will gate check your bag as you board the plane.
The new all-aluminum dual-overhead cam engine will come with a six-speed automatic transmission.
The moon is not bigger at the horizon than when overhead.
Heavier bags can cause injury if they fall out of the overhead bin.
Do not put your laptop bag in an overhead compartment.
Large bags will be slung into the compartment under the bus, and overhead racks don't hold much.
The red theme continues with a red-illuminated instrument cluster and red overhead and footwell lighting.
As you move into the cold air the warm-cold boundary is overhead.
Among the dancing throngs, people wave flags overhead so that their friends can find them easily.
Accompanying all this activity was the rhythmic swooshing of milk flowing through the overhead pipeline.
Remotely piloted, propeller-driven airplanes, they could easily be heard as they circled overhead for hours.
Technical experts will explain how to read overhead photos or monitor cell-phone traffic with watchwords.
For an instant he caught sight from overhead of the sleek, girlish part in her hair.
She also records each pen and brush stroke in real-time with an overhead video camera.
There were siren wails and helicopter noises overhead.
Two hours later, a code-blue call went out on the overhead speakers.
When at these stations, a collector on the top of the bus rises a few feet and touches an overhead charging line.
Solar panels overhead and built into the walls of buildings will provide power.
And that introduces a significant communications overhead.
It reduces overhead and thus speeds things up considerably.
Therefore, our abilities to innovate are hindered by our drive for generating profits and covering company overhead.
In these systems, a collection of overhead and in-pool cameras relentlessly monitors pool activity.
With a new generation of computers, overhead of the kind mentioned may shrink to relative insignificance.
My eyes darted between the operating table and a huge plastic tube for air-conditioning which ran across the overhead.
By midnight several hundred people have gathered there, under the glare of overhead lights.
These winds in turn are replenished by the air directly overhead.
The genius of the blogging model, after all, is the lack of overhead.
They involve the lost-time overhead a computer imposes on you while you wait for it to work.
She is not sure how long she sits under the glare of the overhead light, how long her hands clench themselves in her lap.
The paparazzi swarm with their cameras, the tourists swarm with their feet, and a cloud of volcanic ash swarms overhead.
The rescue helicopter arrived and clattered overhead.
Corresponding clips from the series are played on the tiny, milky overhead screens.
It looked to be about the size that air travelers can fit into overhead compartments.
They wander along long enough until they happen upon a city that has an alarmingly high number of vultures circling overhead.
The sun is blazing overhead, the glare from the white gravel parking lot almost blinding.
We could feel the floor vibrate and the overhead lights moved.
Overhead windows have special coatings that let light through but reflect interior heat.
Floating overhead are mysterious arbiters of our climate.
We see them all the time, flying overhead, or sitting imperiously in trees or on top of poles.
Thus, apple-seed-size meteors appear overhead about every ten minutes.
It's exactly as small as the moon when directly overhead.
There was no other artificial light anywhere visible, so in a short time even the overhead dome light made me wince.
At the fire exhibit they can ignite a high flame and simultaneously activate overhead sprinklers.
Understanding the why of those damnable gray clouds hanging around overhead doesn't make me curse them any less.
When you hear an airplane rumbling overhead, you can freeze, or you can take a step.
But when one or more fish began lingering overhead to feed, the creature shed its cyst, often within minutes.
Overhead fans languidly attempt to rearrange the air.
The new lines can pair skimpy fares with plush seating because they keep their overhead to a minimum.
The overhead photo of the pick-up truck filled with snow.
Use open-mike radio, silent alarm, flashing overhead lights.
If a balloon or another toy becomes entangled in an overhead power line, don't attempt to retrieve it.
Deficiencies in planning and use of spotters contributed to vehicles striking overhead power lines.

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