old hand in a sentence

Example sentences for old hand

We have so long thought of mentoring as a one-way street, with the old hand tutoring and advising the novitiate.
The ribs and planks creaked, but nothing gave, not even the old hand-sewn sails.
With an old hand in charge again, the profitable publisher may be kept, and the loss-making online ventures ditched.
And if you are an old hand, please, please publicize the names of the companies that have adopted your philosophy.
Those marked by windmill towers and old hand pumps are easy to spot.
The pavers have a filtering chamber, and overflow is piped into an old hand-dug well on the site.
Whether you're a beginner or an old hand, you're sure to learn about lots of terrific sources you never knew existed.
Regardless of whether you are an old hand or a newcomer, this manual was written for you.
If the spine is missing, a new one is created for it using centuries-old hand-tooling methods.
Ralph dilly-dallied along the way, tossing the coin and catching it in his small ten-year-old hand.
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