oddball in a sentence

Example sentences for oddball

Political parties run on expediency, not ideology, which makes it possible to cobble together all manner of oddball coalitions.
Between oddball earthquakes and far-reaching hurricanes, much of the country is in disaster preparation mode right now.
Geladas are isolated, oddball monkeys that science has largely overlooked.
It is a model of the genre: two crisp pages, neatly typed, no oddball fonts.
When he started shooting for the school paper, his status suddenly climbed-from oddball to intriguing misfit.
But they already know these oddball sea creatures have a taste for more than whales.
For spatial slices according to an inconvenient coordinate condition will result in oddball solutions.
Maybe the answer is another fabulously wealthy recluse, raised in show business and regarded as a bit of an oddball.
But there's always an imaginative oddball game lost within the white noise.
Even if you're not the one playing, the constant barrage of oddball antics are instantly inviting and attention grabbing.
He'll also stage oddball special events, largely for his own entertainment.
We loved quoting oddball, in-jokey lines from the movie to one another.
The visual task oddball task consisted of identifying an infrequent square presented within a series of frequent squares.
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