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There are so many different layers of animal care that might not be obvious to the casual observer.
To be up there in the cold and the dark, riding in the observer's cage and carefully.
Surveying the serried ranks of people, one observer said they were jammed so closely.
And so, rock climbing is not really mind over matter, even if it looks that way to the admiring observer.
These compact systems allow scientists to study animal behavior without interference by a human observer.
If you're aware of it-if you're an observer-you do notice these things along the way.
As a result, a clock speeding away from an observer will appear to tick slower than a stationary clock.
But many of my visual observer friends tell me it didn't look much different from any other full moon.
Their faint marks reveal themselves only to the careful observer.
Gravitation naturally does not exist for this observer.
Any other observer might have seen few but unamiable traits, and have given them a far darker coloring.
To a casual observer our system presents no appearance of discord between the different members which compose it.
Her shtick demonstrates that she's a keen observer of all that sucks around us.
The view from a pair of cameras strapped to your body is different from the perspective of an observer even a short distance away.
He was a reader and a thinker and a social observer, and his mind produced ideas, not opportunities for commerce.
As an outside observer, it sometimes seems that the business school is starting to loom over the economics department.
For security reasons, several images in this report are watermarked in a way that is not apparent to the observer.
Invisibility cloaks work by steering light around an object, fooling an observer who sees nothing but the background view.
The observer is never seeing an exact time but a collection of pieces moving through time at a specific rate for that period.
Then an observer on the ground frame can empirically measure the length of this train as the distance between these two marks.
All this, not as a scold so much as a benign observer of human folly.
She had been dismissed, relegated to observer status, a gawking witness.
Note their responses upon being asked if their employer is holding any events to observer the occasion.
From there he was an early observer and commentator on the phenomenon of globalisation.
He did not believe in the distinction, and in his work the observer always kept both perspectives.
It is constant, no matter what speed the observer is travelling at.
In quantum mechanics, the observer is an essential part of the physical system.
To an outside observer the radiation appears to pulse each time the beam points in the observer's direction.
Triangulation determines position by measuring the angles of the triangles formed between an observer and three known points.
Cognition is intimately linked to the physical universe and demonstrated in observer object interaction phenomena.
The spatial distribution of stars in elliptical galaxies apparent to the observer is much more dispersed.
The point is to give the observer an emotional experience of transcendent mystery, a feeling of wonder and joy.
Time dilation effects would prevent any observer outside the event horizon from actually ever seeing the event horizon form.
Within the region where the light is bent from our perspective, it still appears straight to an observer within it.
Human observer wouldn't then be able to trace grammar by swapping around pieces of vocalization.
If no conscious observer sees the outcome, the machine remains in a suspended state.
He is a perpetual observer, a noticer of peculiarities, a collector of knowledge.
It also does not mean the action or event was directed at the observer.
But to an outside observer, the time slows to zero at the event horizon.
The human observer seemed as far-off to the spider as telescopic objects seem to us.
Honestly, that makes no difference to the casual observer.
But he is more observer--mainly of himself--than active participant in the life around him.
No observer over the last two years would say the surge hasn't succeeded.
There's a dictum in anthropology that the observer changes the behavior of the observed.
We are seeking observer status, not full membership.
But they sensed that a part of me remained removed, detached, an observer among them.

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