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And yet as he keeps piling up the inventions and awards, his relative obscurity in wider society worries him.
But beyond that everything remains shrouded in obscurity.
Now our understanding of this civilization is once again threatened with obscurity.
But a new skin patch has resurrected the drugs from obscurity.
It was a twenty-year-long journey for this idea to move from virtual obscurity to today's growing popularity.
Security by obscurity simply doesn't work from long term perspective.
It turns out that a name's sad tumble into obscurity is tightly correlated with the speed of its rise.
Some service tasks will consign you to comparative obscurity.
The few who did tackle it worked abroad or in obscurity on a shoestring.
No easy feat, for sure, but it beats laboring in obscurity.
Parallel-programming languages in particular tend to languish in academic obscurity.
Each fall since then has seen the launch of a new version of the hardware, and each has seen it quietly fade into obscurity.
They play a strain of punk that has consigned innumerable bands to the obscurity of dive bars and pirate radio.
People sometimes confuse obscurity with bad quality.
No longer do small country auction houses have to languish in obscurity.
The bird's obscurity is due in large part to the remoteness of its habitat.
It had languished in obscurity for decades and was in sorry condition.
The more countries and companies compete for talent, the better the chances that geniuses will be raked up from obscurity.
Security through obscurity does not work with exams.
She lives in obscurity, according to the customs and traditions of her culture and religion.
One theory suggests the sun's birth cluster has simply spread out into obscurity.
Casual gossip says that his style by its obscurity has fixed the gulf there.
There are many who suffer from the same condition, in poverty and obscurity.
The date of his birth is veiled in obscurity, and varies much in different countries.
Successful after years of obscurity, he was now confident enough to reject advice.
These artists, though, are not quite being plucked from obscurity.
The few astronomers who even attempted to look for them languished in obscurity, spending years in fruitless searching.
Of course, some philosophers deserve their obscurity, and not all conversations deserve the attention of future generations.
But government policy is beginning to lift biofuels from obscurity.
The government was desperate for a flagship project to propel the country from obscurity into the world's tourism brochures.
It is easy to predict that the entire phenomenon will have plopped back into the pond of obscurity in a couple of years.
It is the way of quietism, of willed obscurity, of inner emigration.
In the case of elementary propositions this correlation takes place in total obscurity.
Over the years, the fashion shows have been held during the wee hours of the night and in relative obscurity.
Lately, after a long run of relative obscurity, he's been getting lots of attention.
Athletes often come out of nowhere, give you a surprising season or two, then take their rightful place back in obscurity.
Cloaked in pointy-headed obscurity, it almost always loses money.
But rather than fall into complete obscurity, he took some unusual turns.
The wonder is that he has languished in obscurity for so long.
Obscurity is a useful defense, so long as it is not your only defense.
In other words, it's quite valid to use obscurity as a small part of an overall defense in depth strategy.
He rose from obscurity in the finest rags-to-riches tradition to become a world-renowned entrepreneur.
Oftentimes moving forward pushes the stories of residents and neighborhoods into obscurity.

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