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Example sentences for obfuscation

The only obfuscation is the use of online pseudonyms to protect the civilian contract employees from potential retaliation.
Those who produce such pieces have a talent for obfuscation and an endless supply of drivel.
Not so coincidentally, that obfuscation seems deliberate somehow on the author's part.
Fortunately, the authors' attempts at obfuscation do not altogether succeed.
Obscurantism and obfuscation on national television.
Today an invigorated opposition and an unfettered online media have made apathy and obfuscation harder.
They're using mind-bending obfuscation techniques to deliver malicious code from hacked websites undetected.
They are talking about the merits of obfuscation as a means of avoiding referendums.
Mixing units in an article is deliberate obfuscation.
In other words, this would appear to be an obfuscation rather than a cleaning up.
Obfuscation is the process of making information difficult to understand.
Our convoluted legislation has little to do with effective laws and everything to do with obfuscation for special interests.
Both books provide countless examples of omission, obfuscation and outright lying.
But all this came after days of mealy-mouthed denial and obfuscation.
Unfortunately, where the votes of the elderly are concerned, it is too easy to slide into demagoguery and obfuscation.
But the obfuscation and outright lying is a discredit to the country.
Being flush with other people's money is often emboldening and obfuscation does take place in politics.
For the individuals involved in the obfuscation there are no personal repercussions for their choices.
There is too much metaphor and obfuscation in words.
Even scientific obfuscation and perfidy come to play on many of these topics.
If this is really their position, then they should argue for it full-stop and without obfuscation.
But watch out for obfuscation in how the school calculates the total cost of attendance.
Some lawyers described the fixing of tickets as criminal if it involved the destruction or obfuscation of government records.
In the name of diplomacy, you are fanatically siding with secrecy and obfuscation as opposed to freedom and transparency.
They have a pattern of lawbreaking, political manipulation, and obfuscation.
Obfuscation and condescension an argument do not make.
The movie is deliberately vague, an obfuscation presumably intended to intrigue us.
He moves markets with a sneeze, and so takes pride in being the king of obfuscation.
But censorship inserts another level of obfuscation between the author's supposed intentions and the published text.
But in magic, there is magician to magician lying and obfuscation.
Import obfuscation sometimes varies from the traditional methods.
It's weakened by denial of accountability and obfuscation of past acts.
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