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He has also fought against nuclear power plants and the risk that they pose.
It plans to build three times as many nuclear power plants in the next decade as the rest of the world combined.
Only nuclear power had sufficient bang to propel the requisite payloads into space.
We need nuclear power and this administration will not support nuclear power because of left wing environmental pressure groups.
We're talking about the still-with-us history of nuclear power as well as its possible future.
Jet engines and nuclear power spread into everyday lives.
Forecasters see no need for new coal and nuclear power plants.
The world is about to enter a period of unprecedented investment in nuclear power.
But the new reactor doesn't solve what is probably the biggest problem facing nuclear power today: the high cost of building them.
Compact nuclear power plants may be a lifeline for a struggling industry.
And so they try to shut down all nuclear power generation facilities.
He expects that environmentalists will soon share his affection for nuclear power.
But each party proposes different solutions, and none is more divisive than nuclear power.
Nuclear power was so unpopular that some employees would not admit to working for the company.
Uncertainty surrounding the damaged nuclear power plants are also weighing heavily on public sentiment.
But it was the economics of nuclear power that changed fundamentally.
The defensiveness will cement her sudden conversion into a fierce opponent of nuclear power.
Nuclear power remains undoubtedly the mainstream to yield electricity.
They could also be used in geothermal and nuclear power plants.
It is therefore harmless to the residents around a nuclear power plant.
Many are focused at renewables such as wind and solar, but others would support nuclear power and clean coal technologies.
Of course they didn't include nuclear power in their study.
Nuclear power can run all the ships systems, eliminates all emissions, and refuels rarely.
The article does not specify what this satellite's mission was so it was probably military with a nuclear power supply.
Nuclear power is on the verge of a remarkable comeback.
There is an irony to that observation: a nuclear power plant in need of power.
Nuclear power plants do this periodically-in some cases, every year.
Regulatory agency for nuclear power production and other civilian uses of nuclear materials.
Local and state government agencies have emergency plans in the event of an accident at a nearby nuclear power plant.
Includes information for cancer patients who live in an area that may be affected by a nuclear power plant accident.

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