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It was the ideal dance for the transistorized age, converting the body itself into a novelty device-a nifty gadget.
The past two months have been an adventure, but the novelty is now long gone.
It looks like there are too many confounding variables for this to be anything more than a novelty.
Understanding how novelty emerges from complex systems is a new frontier.
When the novelty wears off, things will normalize.
Beyond the novelty of the event, astronomers noted some unusual characteristics.
The novelty of this aside, the practical considerations speak for themselves.
To many people, though, baseball is not a novelty.
It's kind of a novelty.
It's very simple, and could easily have become a tacky novelty.
One persons standard practice is another's novelty I suppose.
Tragically the novelty of the sight apparently stoked the curiosity of the people who ran out onto the exposed seafloor.
The hunt for novelty can go awry when teens try to top each new kick with another, more intense one.
She said her business is more novelty gag than profit-making venture.
Once you leave the capital, pavement is a novelty, and my driver chose trails from landmarks on the horizon.
The challenge and the novelty of making up a quiz for my father were irresistible.
The novelty of the concept seems to have captured the interest of both academics and the public.
We all respond to novelty, and sometimes a change of pace can bring everyone back on track.
Some regard novelty as dangerous to the cohesion of history as a practice.
The revival of the singles market meant a revival of acts catering to it-a revival, that is, of novelty and exuberance.
The rest of the menu peps up the familiar with a dash of novelty.
And he recognizes that the novelty of his candidacy helps draw attention.
But after one round of questions, its novelty was beginning to wear off.
Novelty keeps us spry, and it cleans up after itself by being gone in a minute.
Along the way, the concept has gone from futuristic novelty to often-tacky tourist traps.
Particularly in an age of cloud storage, that kind of carrying capacity is more of a novelty than it is a necessity.
Sugar was both a luxury and a novelty, and the few who could afford it would grate it over almost anything.
In those days, such machines were no more than novelty gadgets, but they have since burgeoned into big business.
So much for openness to novelty within psychometrics.
The occasion of one of these starts of growth is always some novelty that astounds the mind, and provokes it to dare to change.
Don't be fooled, though: this is a novelty more than anything else.
Given the novelty of the situation, people worried about the unknown unknowns.
Once the novelty wears off, unless you have a particular interest in the subject matter, they're boring.
If anything, their work is often more engaging, since long ago they went through the novelty stage of their careers.
But again, in both cases there doesn't appear to be a lot of novelty there.
People want more than subsistence--they want variety, and pleasure, and novelty.
Not only is there nothing new under the sun, there's precious little of novelty under the moon, either.
Travel continually brings novelty, but with that always came pain.
Being able to recreate these exotic events in the lab is certainly interesting but it is beginning to lose its novelty.
Thirty years ago, communications satellites were a novelty.
The novelty of our modern tools is counterbalanced by the constancy of our ancient needs.
It has a small downtown area with restaurants, novelty and antique shops.
The site contains everything from early jazz to opera to poetry to famous speeches to humor and novelty songs.
Natural selection is nothing more than a filter, and is incapable of producing novelty.
The environment, once the novelty wears off, is likely to be deadly boring.
He writes that the right half of the brain is linked to insight and novelty.
The room was packed because this was such a novelty.
At some point the novelty will wear off a bit and with multiple vehicles facing the possibility of launching with empty seats.
In other cases the element of surprise seems more profound and the response to novelty more ingenious.
It's going to take something beyond ourselves, some pressure out of peace, that will get this nation busy with novelty.
If they were pretty or had interesting facial features, their heads were cut off for use as popular novelty shrunken heads.
It's a precarious act, being the unabashed show-off, the novelty performer.
Its initial success was due partly to its novelty and partly to the wide interest which the excursion itself had excited.
He makes a recapitulation of the heresies he had confuted, and says that their novelty alone suffices to confound them.
To cap the climax of novelty, he carried a huge ebony cane with a gold head the size of an egg.
Some of us prefer the tried and true, and others search high and low for novelty.
If you carry those variants, you are more likely to be more risk-taking, novelty-seeking and compulsive.
Only the criterion of novelty is able to perceive a difference between scientific hypothesis and pseudoscientific once.
It really is too bad that this post focuses on the novelty of the fluorescent markers.
With their work, neutrinos graduated from a theoretical novelty to a practical way to probe the universe.
Living on a border loses its novelty after a while, but visitors always find it intriguing.
But this instinct is, for all intents and purposes, an evolutionary novelty among humans.
Besides its novelty, a synthetic steroid's chemical stability under testing conditions also affects its chances of detection.
It is a creature akin to the sea monkeys you can order in the back of magazines, a sort of cheap novelty.
We humans look at a picture and detect novelty, but not necessarily what is nonsensical or impossible.
Novelty at the nucleotide level comes from mutations.
There is plenty of genetic evidence to support that mutations and novelty outpace the pruning of natural selection.
As is usually the case with novelty, different people get to it at different rates.
The top set is a test called novelty suppressed feeding.
Novelty-you're doing something new together, so you're building a new experience, helps build closeness.
The sort of behaviour shown by rodents is, if anything, an increase in novelty-seeking.
There was in fact less novelty than first met the eye.
The one real novelty, nuclear power, went spectacularly off the rails.
Or perhaps this is to confuse novelty with importance.
When an environment is crowded with existing species, the scope for novelty is limited by what is already there.
The doubt over the outcome is itself a refreshing novelty.
They always make it expensive the first few years until the novelty wears off.
They are limited mainly by the novelty of the pursuit.
But you overstated the novelty of these ideas and did not pay much attention to the political subtexts.
Life and the world still held considerable novelty and mystery for me at that time, even when strongly flavored with routine.
It recognizes that effect's inauthenticity, its lack of novelty, even its possible dullness-and it employs the effect anyway.
The record came in a textured dust jacket, perfect for rolling joints on, which made it a coveted dorm room novelty.
But a press conference, with its spontaneous give and take, promises to be a novelty.
In the heat of the summer, the novelty of planting, digging and weeding has worn off.
But if you are buying it primarily for transportation, the novelty can wear off quickly.
If you aim for novelty, you're taken to task for willful iconoclasm or studied mannerism.

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