nominee in a sentence

Example sentences for nominee

He has the thinnest résumé of any nominee in living memory.
Often these stories end with the withdrawal of the nomination or the nominee quietly removing himself from consideration.
The first option was to distance himself from the nominee, or withdraw the nomination.
The politics of envy, as explained by the likely nominee.
These ratings provide an evaluation of a nominee's integrity, professional competence and judicial temperament.
If the nominee is chosen as a winner, with the nominee's permission, the full social security number will be used as necessary.
Increase the suggested per-nominee fee for intermediaries that coordinate the proxy and mailing activities of multiple nominees.

Famous quotes containing the word nominee

Lucas: You're the Democratic nominee for Senator. John McKay: You make that sound like a death sentence.... more
Experts are saying that President Bush's goal now is to politically humiliate Saddam Hussein. Why don't we just make him... more
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