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Great to eat or drink as juice, and the fruit lasts eight to nine months on the tree.
Each song is composed of anywhere from two to nine themes, and the themes are sung in a specific order.
Burrowing owls are playful, nine-inch-tall birds with bold, lemon-colored eyes.
Olfactory sense improved in some of the mice over a nine-day period.
Seven of its subsidiaries there lost money in the first nine months of last year.
In all, nine-tenths of venture capital committed during the bubble years may have been squandered.
In both cases participants used the same one-to-nine scale employed in the first experiment.
When the soldiers reached the camp, nine of the hostages were already dead.
Three of the nine-strong monetary-policy committee voted for an increase this month.
Basic education has been reduced to nine years, and university from four years to two.
The bird, a wader called a bar-tailed godwit, completed the journey in nine days.
But those with no training lost the skill by the time they were nine months old.
Experts believe that the nine crew members and their possessions may still remain inside the vessel in a semi-preserved state.
The nine carbonized figs were small but ripe and showed signs of having been dried for human consumption.
Farmers produce about nine billion bushels of corn each year.
Among the objects found among his bones was a small rectangular ceramic seal depicting a jackal and nine bound captives.
Long-term yearly averages are nine or ten named storms, six hurricanes, and two intense hurricanes per year.
The answer of six times nine as well as the answer of two times two.
It is better to misplace our charity on nine unworthy persons than to deny alms to one that is really in need.
It had been printed nine years earlier, and only the urgency of his friends induced him to make it public.
Nine of that number received the crown of martyrdom.
Instead, she continued breathing unaided and lived for another nine years before infection and pneumonia finally killed her.
But surprisingly, nine job postings met our conditions.
In other punishments, nine students will receive a failing grade in the course, and one will receive a failing grade on the exam.
Packing for a nine-night cruise can seem daunting, especially if you fly to the cruise port.
The director of a government organization shares confidences with nine advisers.
More than nine months after the country's devastating earthquake, a cholera epidemic has sickened thousands.
There are nine times as many glial cells in our gray matter as there are neurons.
Judging from current trends, it will plateau at around nine billion people toward the middle of this century.
The researchers found that all nine pairs showed genetic dissimilarities.
Ninety-nine percent of the tinnitus sufferers said the treatment got rid of the disturbing phantom sound.
Four weeks after the transplant, the researchers noted less circling behavior in eight of nine treated rats.
We could see it nine billion light-years away, more than halfway across the observable universe.
Scientists fed the mice a moderate-fat diet and after nine weeks measured lipid molecules in their livers and plasma.
Rice's breakthrough is based on conventional bulk fluid industry processes, methodically adapted over a nine-year period.
The droughts were relatively short-lived, lasting between three and nine years, the authors report.
He had great affection for his riders, and considered ninety-nine per cent of them to be wonderful people.
These walls do double duty as giant billboards, with huge letters advertising lofts at nine hundred and ninety dollars a month.
It is set to nine old songs, which have the rough-hewn quality of folk music.
Tells about the emergency rescue scene in a pasture over the trapped nine.
They have been disappearing a a rate of nine thousand a month.
Here he has around nine thousand ring-necked pheasant and wild turkeys eating themselves fat.
Then there's supper at nine and later, somewhere between eleven and midnight, a coffee or a grappa with friends.
It was nine-thirty in the evening, and there was no food in sight.
Here is a selection of nine highlights from the archives.
The typical elected representative is nine-times wealthier than the typical voters.
The struggle has been going on continuously for nine years.
After nine months of unrivaled access to the disaster site, our correspondent tells the inside story of the recovery effort.
Games go six innings instead of nine, and take about one hour instead of three.
Its body had nine segments, each bearing a pair of armour-plated legs, covered in thorns.
Searching through hundreds of entries-as many as nine falling on a single day-you try to find an uncommitted hour.
Each of those objects has a tale to tell that is as lively as those that the nine-call it eight-planets have told so well.
Little was left after nine millennia but a few salts and organic chemicals.
There were nine such beasts in the celestial menagerie.
From these nine axioms, one can derive all of mathematics.
He is thirty-nine years old but looks about twenty-five.
But his entire working life as an artist had only spanned nine years.
There are now only nine nations with nuclear weapons, rather than the twenty or thirty so often feared.
The homicide rate is eight to nine times that of other major industrial countries.
World population, now over six billion, will continue to increase-to not much more than nine billion by many estimates.
The estimate matched the gold standard measure with a deviation of about eight to nine mmHg.
The robot can carry payloads of about nine kilograms--four times more than other humanoid robots.

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