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Some would-be duelists discovered that even the code's formal preliminaries might set in motion an irreversible chain of events.
Range of motion is the distance and direction of movement of a joint.
The economy's movement, for example, probably maps to a source domain of motion through space.
My office has motion detectors for the lights that are on a 30 minute timer.
He was impressive in motion and no less formidable when he was still.
Is poor posture control the real cause of motion sickness?
The northern lights, so called from their undulatory motion.
The nation's foreign policy apparatus is constantly in restless motion.
The problem is not motion sickness on the plane itself as much as it is what happens to me after I reach my destination.
Then, I panned the camera with his direction of motion.
You don't get the motion, but you get the feelings.
If any form of the motion to commit is made with reference to a question not pending,
It's extremely difficult to use the telephoto due to the low light and constant motion.
The freezing of motion has a long and fascinating history in photography, whether of sports, fashion or war.
Slow motion enables viewers to see precisely where a play succeeds or fails.
The docent grabs one end and demonstrates its seesawing motion.
The impulse of one billiard-ball is attended with motion in the second.
Coffee so made should be served from range, as much motion causes it to become roiled.
The clavicle acts especially as a fulcrum to enable the muscles to give lateral motion to the arm.
Give it some curving motion and it will kind of continue with that.
However, when you tap it the bird changes its motion in a way that it usually comes back somewhat.
Here is a plot showing the vertical position of the first part of the motion.
Limited range of motion is a term meaning that a specific joint or body part cannot move through its normal range of motion.
It's the feeling of motion that makes this photograph of leopards wrestling so successful.
Technically, you should not be able to show motion in a still photograph.
Digital motion-detection cameras capture elusive wildlife.
It's a great way to show both motion and the feel of being in that motion.
She's exploring the external power sources that propel the perpetual motion of oceans.
As the ant closes its jaws, it uses them to push off the ground-all faster than the eye can see without slow motion video.
Plans to rid the pond of the fish were put into motion as soon as it was identified as a northern snakehead.
In one motion, dip the cake ball entirely into the candy melt mixture.
The cold air pushed the hot plumes back down in a swirling motion at sunrise.
They are excellent swimmers that use their wings to stroke underwater with a flying motion.
These should be relevant to the motion, the speakers statements or the observations of featured guests.
With the right configuration of muscles it is even possible to produce rotary motion.
In many countries commercial property is enduring a rise in vacancies and defaults, in a slow-motion replay of the housing crash.
Those who defend the motion cannot look only at the benefits, they must also fully evaluate the costs.
Scenes from a country in a slow-motion and still uncertain revolution.
At game point he'll motion for a teammate who shoots well from the outside to set a pick for him at the top of the key.
The government would still be brought down by losing a confidence motion on a simple majority.
During the ensuing motion, the participants were tasked to press a key whenever either of those targets turned red or blue.
Most of the motion illusions featured in this slide show are potentially triggered by eye movements, both large and small.
Art and neuroscience combine in creating fascinating examples of illusory motion.
Because total energy is conserved, the difference in photon energy is extracted from the atomic motion--the atoms slow down.
There would be variations depending on the time of the year, angulation of the solar system relative to motion, etc.
The small, irregular movements a cup sees can also amplify liquid motion and thus spilling.
One can see this motion in its extremest form in speed skating, but it is true in all skilled skating, both forward and back.
She fixes her gaze on the watch, tracking its pendular motion with her eyes.
On the large scale of stars and planets, the field lines are caught up in the fluid motion and distorted.
Quantic-scale motion and galactic-scale motion are only different in terms of our perception of their rates of change.
We experience motion in timeless universe through psychological time that has its basis in the neuronal activity of the brain.
When water evaporates from a pond to become water vapor, heat energy becomes the kinetic energy of the added motion.
Without getting into too much detail, the average speed of molecular motion determines a substance's phase.
Temperature, in turn, is a measure of the average speed of molecular motion.
He used to want to fly out of self-awareness, day and night, a body in raw motion.
It was a feeling of abstract intellectual delight, a pure interplay of musical and physical motion.
And in his internal defeat-the whimper behind the swagger-he relies on her to set his ambition in motion.
After a while, backward motion ceases, and life goes forward again.
If heat were visible, we'd see a lot of frenzied motion.
Yeah, time dilation would work the other way, but simple motion could keep the moon wherever you want.
Indeed, time and motion are nothing more than illusions.
Those vibrations can be converted into rotary motion to propel a miniature swimming robot.
They also keep their bodies in motion, often flapping their hands.
Swing your arm through the air and the motion proceeds freely and fluidly from one point in space to the next.
One consequence is that particles and other systems in motion have what is called a zero point energy.
Thousands of books teetered perilously in his office, and a motion-sensitive door startled visitors with cricket chirps.
Yeah, yell the physicists, that's because you forgot the motion of the air molecules.
The lapping motion is so fast that to fully appreciate it, you need a high-speed camera.
Cosmologists are still arguing about the exact mechanism that may have set this event in motion.
He was a fast writer, and liked to write about things in rapid motion.
For a while the culture of the word had seemed to have scored a victory with the introduction of sound into motion pictures.
But the motion of the camera is not limited to the zoom.
She is convinced that her motion has made real the nightmare that always flickers in the distance.
But the real star is the stop-motion animation itself, beautiful to look at and executed with a deliberately spastic wit.
From that moment on, he was in perpetual motion, spinning tales of his travels into two dozen books and scores of stories.
What's interesting is that this distribution compensates for the phenomenon of motion parallax.
When the brace's generator is engaged, it collects power while slowing down the motion of the leg.
The tape could be laid down in one motion, potentially shortening patients' time in surgery.
The sensor uses an accelerometer that allows it to measure motion in three dimensions.
But they are the preferred way to get hesitant capital in motion without making full financial commitments with tax dollars.
Yes, someone will build a perpetual-motion machine in the next few years.
Or installing motion sensors and programmable thermostats that turn out lights and air conditioners when no one's in the room.
Together they work in synch to stretch, strengthen and increase range of motion.
Kids seem to be born in constant motion, but along the way that behavior gets hijacked.
The motion is not debatable, and agreement to the motion is equivalent to defeating the question tabled.
Unfortunately, strong motion data has never been easy to acquire.
He was a visionary who brought unprecedented technological and imaging advancements to the motion picture industry.
But his left foot is in constant motion, bouncing in a rapid rhythm, venting his pent-up energy.
You're taking pictures, not making a stop motion film.

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