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Example sentences for mortification

Each devotee has his own rituals, though most rely on the principles of self-mortification and delayed gratification.
We looked at each other in utter mortification.
The attention of peers is crucial, shunning by them a long-remembered mortification.
Even worse than being caught in daylight is the mortification of wearing black clothes so overwashed that they start to look gray.
The sheer mortification of being seen with her dad! She never broached the topic again that weekend.
They half-turned, mystified, as my boyfriend peered at the gutter in mortification.
The choreographed mortification ritual has played out more than a score of times since 1832.
Along with feelings of pride have come moments of unease and even mortification.
These activities were interpreted as sleazily as possible by the college vice-president, to my mortification and humiliation.
I've seen some people who were fierce in the face of mortification and death.
Her vexation and mortification were great when her brothers went to college and she could not also go.
Otherwise, the opportunities for satire and mortification are much too delicious.
In this dignity he continued the same practices of humility, mortification, and as much as possible even of poverty.
He continued his former practices of humility, mortification, and penance.
Meanwhile the captain returned to the forest with inconceivable mortification.
But his exact regularity and uniformity of life, with a continued practice of interior self-denials, was the best mortification.
The cup of mortification is now full to overflowing, and, thankful that the term.
And thus the mortification of normal reactions was hastened.

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