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Commanders worry about any sign of damage to morale, such as anecdotal evidence of rising divorce rates among servicemen.
In fact all it does is help to lower morale and drive off potential new players.
It's good for morale, and it gets you moving a little bit.
If you're a leader, have a positive attitude to increase your team's morale.
Tests show that occasional trips to the cooler improve both morale and day's output.
They believe massive pay cuts could destroy the morale of players.
Nothing is worse for morale, or for the bottom line, than an employee who is only allowed to follow narrow rules.
The mutt quickly becomes a base mascot, and morale booster, for the whole unit.
Knowing someone is back home thinking about you and caring about you is a huge morale boost.
Unless a lad's morale is good, you can't expect his morals to be good.
Of course, there are also intangible benefits to employee morale by letting people spend more time at home and less in the office.
Mounting clinical evidence suggests that better design can improve patients' health-not to mention their morale.
The character and morale of official methods must be improved.
Furthermore, employers will often find wage cuts damaging to morale.
Seriously, my morale concerning human space travel is at its lowest ever.

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