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You can mitigate risk, but you can't eliminate it.
Conservationists successfully sued to mitigate resulting damage to the area's salt marsh.
Many schools turn to fundraising to mitigate those shortfalls.
Ruling out exorcism or napalm, I wondered if some attitude adjustment might at least mitigate our frustration.
There isn't a whole lot that needs to be done to mitigate the threat, but they won't do it.
Notes of humor and satire mitigate the disillusion and anguish frequently expressed in his verse .
He was found to have inflammation in his right elbow and was prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug to mitigate the soreness.
Cities worldwide are promoting environmentally “green” roofs to mitigate several urban problems.
He and other researchers are assessing the hazard, which they hope will help governments develop plans to mitigate the danger.
The work is part of a two-year project to mitigate the effects of climate change.
To that end, universities must be prepared to use data mining to identify and mitigate the potential for tragedy.
Try mixing white vinegar with the rubbing alcohol to mitigate the drying-out factor.
Harder still is to say what, if anything, can be done to mitigate the destruction.
Preventive measures to mitigate human-predator conflict are now commonly employed by ranchers.
The idea is that these options will mitigate privacy concerns.
Residencies attempt to mitigate potential harm through supervision and graduated responsibility.
As long as the general public is stuck in this cycle, the proactive measures needed to mitigate future drought are avoided.
Cutting people out of the hiring process might mitigate our biases, but it also mitigates the human touch of hiring.
Policy actions need to mitigate this broken link in the chain.
Consuming media in a social environment can mitigate its negative effects.
Presence of seawater might mitigate this risk though.
Naltrexone works to mitigate the disease process by blocking the effects of dopamine.
We are mindful of possible abuses and do our best to mitigate them.
Coal isn't a solution and won't even mitigate the situation.
One way to mitigate these costs is to exploit contingent faculty.
And the region is woefully unprepared to mitigate the damage.
At the same time, companies are aware of the need to mitigate the effect of brine on the surrounding seabed.
Choosing a file format carefully can mitigate the problem, but only somewhat.
Plug in hybrids could utilize this electricity to mitigate much of daily driving.
To some extent a continued decline in the value of the euro may mitigate the deflation.
One way to mitigate this problem is scheduling fewer flights at congested airports during peak times.
The airline said it wanted to mitigate the impact of the storm on its operations elsewhere across the country.
To mitigate this cut and raise expectations, government investment must be increased.
But there are steps individuals can take to mitigate these worries.
To mitigate the damage from the poor monsoon, the government is encouraging farmers to plant more winter crops.
But they are trying both to mitigate and publicise an alarming acceleration in the rate at which languages are vanishing.
Yet the next few years may be far tougher on insurers, partly as a result of actions taken to mitigate this crisis.
In a world that is not doing much to mitigate climate change, an increasing emphasis is put on the capacity to adapt to it.
The government has acted decisively to try to mitigate the situation.
If share and home prices stabilise, that will mitigate the astonishing loss of wealth that is depressing consumer spending.
Faster productivity growth could help to mitigate the slowdown, but it does not seem to be forthcoming.
There are ways to mitigate imbalances within big currency areas.
Yet even this would serve only to mitigate the future risks.
The traders are there to mitigate and hedge away risk that is taken on board in the course of undertaking client business.
There are clever ways to buy annuities in the years leading up to retirement that mitigate some of the risk.
One way to mitigate this threat is to introduce occasional rites which are exciting and memorable, but in a positive way.
But with good usage habits, one can entirely mitigate the potential risks.
The governments and authorities concerned should take firm and effective measures to mitigate the sad situation.
We must put measures in place now to mitigate the possibility of such a crisis of unequal access.
To mitigate climate chaos and avoid economy-wrecking energy shortages, workers must repower, rewire and retrofit whole nations.
Keep it simple and plain and you mitigate the temptation for mischief.
Due to the recession, many governments take action to mitigate the bad effect of economy crisis.
One way is to mitigate the rural to urban migration.
The costs of attempting to mitigate such changes early are high, but not as high.
Journalistic conventions generally mitigate against directly castigating average people for their poor choice of leaders.
The ongoing efforts to bail out the financial system, even if they work, won't do more than slightly mitigate the problem.
Some form of enhancement would be needed to mitigate these constraints.
The bill would also grant immunity to anyone who takes reasonable action to mitigate such activity.

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