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With plurality, a candidate top-ranked by a majority always wins, hence a tyrannical majority always gains power.
Since they're so delicate and perishable, the vast majority are sold frozen.
These are all methods of picking alternatives that would outperform the vast majority of political pundits.
Pirate crews elected their officers and captains by majority vote.
The majority of the year we have mild weather.
For the vast majority of human history, most people have known that the best guide to the past is what your grandmother told you.
For the vast majority of items, it's just not a factor.
The majority of forest stands have a high canopy structure.
The students range in age from three-years old to senior citizens, though the majority ranges between 6 and 15 years of age.
It broke up in 35 days, and in fact the majority broke up in only two days.
The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience.
But the state that grows the majority of the nation's produce has no official food.
Although they came to form a majority of the country population they never made a successful insurrection.
By the election of the president by a majority and for a short period, he never is the sovereign and chief of the nation.
Even so, he failed to retain the two-thirds majority he had said was vital for his regime's future.
The majority responsible for the minority instead of everyone being responsible for themselves.
Even in many developing regions they make up a majority of students in higher education.
The majority are stuck in a crippling bureaucratic process.
The two parties together comfortably command a parliamentary majority.
It said that a majority of those voting, not a majority of all workers, would suffice.
The majority of species in danger of extinction are humble insects, a new study argues.
The majority of hairless mammals are semi-aquatic, probably because hair offers no insulating benefits under water.
Freshwater ecosystems are essential for human survival, providing the majority of people's drinking water.
And they found one-a mutation of a single gene, which seems to be responsible for the majority of short-legged dogs' stumpiness.
In short, the survey found that the majority of those who spend significantly on travel care about their destinations.
That's partly because many of the region's waterways are ephemeral, and they run underground for the majority of the year.
For instance, the hornet still gets the vast majority of its energy from food.
The majority of the tourism proceeds fund community needs, for example special operations for local children.
The city is still the country's leading manufacturer of ceramics, with a majority of its population connected to the industry.
There are no roads here and the only way to travel for the vast majority is by boat.
Answer: the vast majority, especially graduate degrees.
The vast majority of patients are isolated cases with no known family history of the disease.
The vast majority of them have the same identical nucleotide change.
But they don't take advantage of all that solar heat, thereby missing out on the majority of the solar energy reaching the cell.
The new majority will then change all the progressive laws that made it possible for them to become the majority.
Most of us now use reusable cloth bags for the majority of our shopping.
In the end the majority agreed to abide by the pirate code.
The vast majority of climatologists, who happen to disagree, this party considers to be hucksters and cheats.
But other colleges and universities, the vast majority of them, can provide other options.
The majority of the current faculty disagree, apparently.
The majority of job candidates in academe don't send thank-you letters because they don't know that they should.
But a clear majority did, and among these there was a range of opinions about what could or should be done.
The previous government, even though it had a majority, was deeply intolerant.
In all studies the majority of infants remained securely attached to their mothers regardless of their exposure to day care.
His teams win a majority of their games, but win or lose, his emphasis is on team play.
The majority of which do not want their music on such services because of the poor revenues and the detrimental affect on sales.
To the vast majority, science is solely about answers-the material that's sandwiched between the covers of their textbooks.
It's of paramount importance to realize that the vast majority of matches produced by this method are false.
Most planets' thick atmospheres bounce the majority of sunlight back into space.
The majority of the patterns are chunky, as if to indicate that this is the set for steak, not salad.
We cut to downstairs, where the majority of this episode dwells, thanks to two successive scandals among the servants.
The majority of the populace, however, still lives on less than a dollar a day.
For the majority of character actors, this is a dream.
The great majority don't have enough venom to harm us.
But that would have cut the company off from the vast majority of computer users.
The vast majority have only one paid employee: the owner.
But the majority of these apps merely make it easier for patients to record health measures, such as weight or blood pressure.
Scientists identified three genes that appear to control the majority of changes in gene expression that accompany aging.
The vast majority of these people receive a replacement cornea from a human donor.
Because the vast majority of these organisms cannot grow outside their host environment, they have been difficult to study.
Although a majority of them go on to develop symptomatic cancer, it may take many years.
After a few hundred generations, the majority of the robots never flashed light when they were near the food.
For the vast majority of users, the answer is a qualified yes.
And a majority of doctors become doctors to help people, not to perpetuate disease so they can make money.
The rights of the few outweigh the rights of the majority.
Please accept the fact that the public majority does not care about your freedom to escape from the police.
The article refers to it because that is what the majority of people do when they text message.
My point was that the vast majority of the cell phone market is contact based.
Today the vast majority are dependent on these jobs to survive.
The majority goes into residential and commercial heating and electric power generation.
Except for professionally driven commercial vehicles, the majority of consumers drove similarly sized cars.
The majority of collisions will result in this partial deflection instead of reflection.
About a dozen cases turned up there, the majority diagnosed within the past decade.
Nevertheless, the vast majority of antibiotics used on farms today are added to animal feed solely to stimulate growth.
The vast majority of physicists today believe that the subatomic realm really is, in some sense, unknowable.
The majority will probably be recycled from previous submissions, but certainly not all.
That's why the vast majority of scientists oppose using this method on people.
The vast majority of yellow dent corn is used as livestock feed and production of ethanol.
The majority of these replies clearly illustrate the pathetic ignorance of the majority of the population.
By skipping the equations, he created the language that a majority of modern physicists speak.
The majority of them continued to live in a late late antique world.
The great majority of biologists had nothing to do with weapons.
For example, the vast majority of respondents ranked agency issues among their top three concerns.
Voting is done by secret ballot and continues until one city receives a majority of the votes.

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