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Example sentences for machinations

Through the machinations of the ring, the firm has been relieved of thousands of dollars worth of goods and money.
The extent of his machinations seemed more personal than professional.
On the brighter side, these machinations have stirred opposition.
The disappearances have been attributed to the machinations of enormous sea monsters, giant squid, or extra-terrestrials.
Much of the program involved the daily machinations of pirate life.
Once again, when all is said and done however, viruses are utterly indifferent to the machinations of humans.
It's the location of the new offices that raises questions about political machinations.
She particularly welcomes correspondence on the machinations of hiring committees.
Machinations aside, jurisprudence about clerical rights is evolving fast and unpredictably.
For those of us that use one for certain tasks and the other for different functions, leave us to our machinations.
The machinations on campuses are medieval, quite literally.
But their hands have always been tied by bureaucratic machinations.
Or, put another way, a brace of expository samples defied my cerebral machinations.
In this brooding drama, the lives of four sisters are nearly destroyed by the machinations of their overbearing father.
It merely makes him unprincipled, and therefore vulnerable to the wicked machinations of others.
The real engine of the show isn't the machinations of its characters or its unfolding plot but its basic structure.
Once the behind-the-scenes machinations became known, academics reacted with outrage.
Political machinations are not part of what they do well, nor is it conducive to what it is that they do well.
Stories about the political machinations at work inside the conclave abounded.
But he is also practical, and no dummy when dealing with the machinations that come with fame and power.
But the machinations required for such an endeavor proved to be well worth it.
She might have gotten away with all her machinations, but the censors said uh-uh.
And that is a weak state beset by a long-term pattern of political crisis and vulnerable to the machinations of outsiders.
And what squirmy fun their machinations are to watch.
Inevitably, domestic politics play a part in all these machinations.
Such machinations, although they can get electoral results, are losing legitimacy.
Crane, on the other hand, spends much of his time fending off machinations within the firm that might depose him.
It would not bother me to end these political machinations.
You'd be a hardliner too if you knew the history and machinations that got us here.
Nor is she unfamiliar with the intricate machinations of the music industry.
Usually the acoustic machinations are behind the walls, but these are right there hanging from the ceiling.
After some machinations and various appeals, the state courts ultimately rejected this claim.
Many of his letters have to do with influence peddling, political machinations or personal business deals.

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