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Inculcate thus pleasantly right standards of drama, and the lure of vaudeville and picture show is weakened.
The lure of gold can be electric to some people, even though the element is chemically inert-on the large scale.
The lure of renewable energy sources is that they help fight climate change.
The lure of rationalism is powerful, and it shows up all over the place.
It even suggests that some of the manipulations designed to lure our dollars may redound to our own good.
And what is oddest about the essay's power to lure us into its lair is how it goes about this work.
But apparently, the lure of profit can make people curiously creative.
The opportunity to do without a daily commute seems to be an important lure for some of the people who move in.
Essential to life-and to romance-flowering plants lure paleobotanists with the sweet mystery of their origin.
The idea is not to harm the bears but to teach them to resist the lure of a barbecue's aroma, to avoid people and developed areas.
The alligator snapper employs a unique natural lure in its hunting technique.
Launch costs alone could burn up tens of millions of dollars, so the foundation is hoping to lure high-profile corporate sponsors.
Professional sports teams are attempting at a furious rate to lure fans away from the comfort of their couches to live games.
While many of us crave huge amounts of recognition, the lure is not merely fame or a place in history.
But at some point, the lure of geoengineering may gradually overwhelm all reservations.
So they competed to lure factories from abroad with tax breaks and land deals.
Or it might appear to be a particular insect in order to lure that insect's predator or parasite.
No-loan policies should alleviate that fear and lure more of them to enroll.
Whenever he did, he said, critics would dismiss his comments as a ploy to lure talented players to his events.
It was starting to lure people away from pay-television.
Whether the lure of such alternatives or poverty is what is causing people to cancel their subscriptions is not clear.
Thanks to the lure of the wealthy coast, many have already done so.
The lure, he says, is not only the secrecy but also the industry's well-established competence.
Some of the cash earmarked for elite universities is being used to lure scholars back to the motherland.
Big brands are also opening stores in smaller cities, where the lure of the logo still works.
Stores are also trying to lure customers by offering services that are not available online.
It's surely better to lure people into pension schemes than out of them.
Some are common to all financial innovations: new products lack enough liquidity to lure buyers in, for example.
The first shop to lure shoppers sold many more goods, as consumers grabbed at poor deals.
Time grows more precious: hence the lure of fast food.
Previous generations experienced the same sort of lure.
In fact it is almost impossible to block the exit for the highly skilled if the lure is strong enough.
Hotels are increasingly targeting children to lure more families to their properties.
It's not inconceivable that another team could lure him away with a better offer.
New cars getting big changes to lure younger buyers.
But the lure of cheap fares and uncrowded ports might make you change your mind about what you consider the best time to cruise.
Blame it on stricter training requirements and fewer big fires and the lure of paying fire jobs in the cities.
Many tour companies are offering discounted cruises to lure back wary tourists.
Within seconds-no exaggeration-the lure was tugging.
The company had ample capacity on its network, and wanted to lure customers with the peace of mind offered by unlimited plans.
The company had ample capacity and wanted to lure customers with the peace of mind offered by unlimited plans.
We might be genetically wired to be vulnerable to the lure of the mob.
The idea was to lure people back to theaters by giving them an experience that couldn't be duplicated in the living room.
The village has emptied in favor of the lure of the big city.
The new lure uses compounds created by bacteria and fungi as byproducts of consuming sugar.
Crappies frequently move up from beneath to take a lure, and thus many anglers prefer to suspend their jig from a small bobber.
Studies were conducted to evaluate the optimal loading of the pear ester in a lure for monitoring codling moth in pear.
Several of these chemicals were formulated into a single lure that could be used to detect or control melon flies.
Casting is usually done with an artificial lure, to coax fish into striking.

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