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The moonlight, which seems so lucid and brilliant when you look up, is all pearl and smoke round the pond and the hills.
Although the grant has been renewed, the best efforts of the few lucid participants have met only cold rebuke.
It's taken years, and in her more lucid moments, she's not even there yet.
Every successive crisis finds him as understanding of others as he is lucid about himself, and his impulse is truly magnanimous.
They are lucid, they get all their laughs, but the price of their cultivation is an unfortunate absence of urgency.
In a private, lucid moment, he might have conceded this disproportion.
It's a bit jarring to see a lucid pro-transparency, pro-security argument from a federal prosecutor.
He insisted he was perfectly alert and lucid, adding that he was not a publicity hound, either.
These serve as a lucid introduction to the theory and practice of development.
Lucid prose and vivid examples make the book admirably accessible to non-specialists.
They would start with a more or less lucid account of the political and economic situation, followed by a few anecdotes.
Glad to see you are lucid and have retained your sense of humor.
Lucid about ideas and actions, he was lucid also about himself.
His words are equally lucid on the page and eloquent to the listener.
His instructions on how to produce a portrait-as applicable in literary as in pictorial terms-were lucid, pertinent, and precise.

Famous quotes containing the word lucid

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