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Scientists have developed a mechanical version of the leech that removes blood and promotes wound healing.
The leech is actually a highly sophisticated medical tool.
One of the problems with boiling veggies is that the nutrients leech out into the water.
Leech neurons were used for reasons of convenience, but the technique can presumably be adapted to human nerve cells.
So you see, a leech may be a lot of mouth, but it isn't all bad.
It's easier to get money to study a panda than it is to study a leech.
Even if you think it is perfectly clean, you'll probably leech out enough oil to collapse your eggs.
Crews' approach is akin to judging modern medicine based on the fact that doctors once believed in leech cures.
It soon proved its efficacy, and redeemed the leech's pledge.
The same result has followed from keeping together different varieties of the medicinal leech.
But he hath a godly minister or two with him, and likewise a leech.
Each mouth is a powerful sucker that attaches the leech to its prey.

Famous quotes containing the word leech

A skilful leech is better far Than half a hundred men of war.... more
Do not fear to put thy feet Naked in the river sweet; Think not leech, or newt, or toad Will bite thy foot ... more
Rulers, who neither see, nor feel, nor know, But leech-like to their fainting country cling, Till they drop... more
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