keratin in a sentence

Example sentences for keratin

Feathers are composed of keratin, a fibrous protein that has the same sort of strength as synthetic fibres.
It is known by the name of the enamel droplet, and resembles keratin in its resistance to the action of mineral acids.
They are composed not of keratin, the stuff of fingernails, but of bone.
The dark hair pigments are the first to decompose leaving the lighter pigments and lighter in color keratin.
Horns and feathers are also made of keratin, broadening the prospects of sequencing other extinct species from museum specimens.
They're more resistant to both chemical and physical decay than the keratin of feathers and hair.
Overlying the bone are protective scaly layers of keratin, the same protein that makes up our fingernails and hair.
Most salons that make this claim either don't get the same results as keratin treatments or are secretly using formaldehyde.
Ivory is an elephant's tooth, while rhino horn is keratin, similar to a horse's hoof.
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