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It was a sudden and intimate gesture that sparked a jolt of desire through her.
The capsule failed to release until a jolt apparently freed the capsule.
Sleeping with a lonely heart brings a hormone jolt in the morning.
And a creamy mustard-dill sauce gets a jolt from green peppercorns.
Second, hopes for an immediate jolt of activity were misplaced.
But instead of getting electricity from a wall socket, the first jolt comes from a small solar panel.
Some people can't start their day without a caffeine jolt from a cup of coffee.
Gliding above a fish, the ray stuns it with a jolt of electricity.
The result is a curiously powerful daily jolt of reminiscence.
Two months ago, the company was given its first nasty jolt.
The resulting jolt of electricity has given a new life to hacked, underground applications.
Provost allows, and it won't arrive in a single revolutionary jolt but by innumerable incremental innovations over time.
All other things being equal, when the ball receives a jolt of energy, it is more likely to drop down a step than to pop up one.
He wants to jolt people out of an overfocus on the electric car.
The resultant huge jolt of energy creates an extremely powerful magnetic field inside a coil in the machine's chamber.
We would drive for fifty yards, jolt to a stop, snap into action.
But others may be trying to jolt us into a new understanding of art, or even a new understanding of life.
He would catch it, and gain a further jolt backwards.
Lower retail space costs would also be a jolt to new business growth.
Put words into action and start doing something to help jolt your country back.
He later said a tremendous jolt of psychic energy had almost cost him his consciousness.
Researchers say that daily caffeine jolt might also reduce your risk of developing a type of skin cancer.
He knows that waiting for the big scary jolt does more damage to the nervous system than getting it.
The organ then decelerates rapidly and ricochets back to the rear of the skull, a jolt called a countercoup.
There is little that does more than jolt kids from one commercial to the next.
The taking of such license, of course, adds an extra jolt of drama.
After that jolt, scientists set up networks of seismometers capable of detecting the long-period vibrations of the normal modes.

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