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He knew what made a joke work, what endeared characters to theatergoers, and how far he could push a gag.
Back when she made this grand proclamation it was a joke.
Now the point is made with a joke, and a quiet, knowing smile.
The show has made something a joke of the diminishing roles written for the fine group of supporting actors.
The film is skillfully made, but it's too silly to be enjoyed, even as a joke.
Replaced by observational humor, irony and wit, the narrative joke has ceased to exist.
The blonde half of the joke is as false as any other joke of its derogatory ilk, but the other half gets at a fact about writers.
They generally have no equivalent in other languages, so the joke is lost.
People joke about tree huggers, but no one laughs when old-growth woodlands are described as cathedral forests.
They liked to joke that their wives were fat because they buttered their toast on both sides.
It's almost a joke the way so many trees here are billed as the widest, the tallest, or the oldest.
When a joke is tame enough to be told on screen, its taboo days are already long gone.
During their first month on the job, many professors find that they're not in on the joke.
When every joke about your business mentions featherbedding, you should be worried about outsourcing.
Locals joke that the last step is to put a horseshoe in it-if the horseshoe floats, you know it's good coffee.
There's a little joke hidden in this sleek, sophisticated garden.
The point when the joke can't be reversed is also the point it ceases to be funny.
So both people who are in on the joke and people who aren't are buying.
As the old joke goes: when your neighbour loses his job, it is called an economic slowdown.
Speaking of wine, we've turned a joke into a challenge.
Either everything he writes is a huge joke in poor taste or he's completely insane.
Forget that this grain alcohol has always been something of an economic and environmental joke.
Count me as one a reader who laughed her way through the entire thing and knew from the first joke that it was satire.
The national news media arrived to get in on the joke.
The joke now is on the critics of the president's foreign policy.
The joke is on those who ban books, statistically speaking.
Locals used to joke that the only life that could survive in the skies was jumbo jets.
Send a birthday card or gift as you usually would from her secret sister, but of course not a joke card or gag gift.
Resulting photos are realistic enough to be both a joke and an incentive to diet.
It's easy to joke about the absurdity of the measure.
There are still other examples in which it is not at all easy to decide whether one is dealing with a joke or a dream.
Whenever fortune wishes to joke, she lifts people from what is humble to the highest extremity of affairs.
Though apparently it means submission to a beneficent law, in reality the sign is a heartless, cruel joke.
With the last word of the joke the dragon drew back his head and struck.
And taking up this pretty joke, as his way is, he argues it with perfect gravity and logic.
He pokes fun at the art establishment, but he lets viewers in on the joke.
On waking a couple of hours later, he is able to joke about the experience with his team-mates.
The page is meant as a satirical snapshot of a theoretical future, but evidently not everyone gets the joke.
These insects can carry malaria and other deadly diseases so it's no joke.
But no matter where this astounding story took me, it was always important to remember: this invasive species is no joke.
Well, not quite all week, but enough that it got to be a running joke.
The joke is on us and our shaky human ambitions, of course, and not the dogs.
We often follow a secret move immediately with a joke.
Sarcasm does tear the flesh but humor and wit is a different story and often confused with the corniest of joke tellers.
Another related the story of a joke so funny that listeners literally die laughing.
The mere presence of this article, if its not actually a joke, causes me to again lament the future of our present society.
From food to language to demographics, the coherence of categories has become something of a joke.
At campaign events and other speaking engagements, he often tries a disarming joke about the source of his wealth.
But securing the future will require fixing a system that has become a joke.
Lo these many years later, it turns out the joke was on us.
The joke is that there is more than a tad of truth about it.
My enthusiasm for literature began with my father's enthusiasm for a fart joke.
We used to jokingly call it the real estate school and the joke has born itself out into reality.
The joke is that students understand exactly what measurement tool is key to their college experience, it is called grades.
Somehow that seemed the perfect accompaniment for this column, and it took me a moment to realize the joke.
When one gets the joke a similar mental process is in play.
The regulatory authorities are a joke, no punishment never ever.
None one is laughing at the joke but the drug companies.
Really, investing in a coal powered plant is a joke.
The magician stands at the side of the stage, looking pleased at his little joke.
The next day, my uncles joke that they'll take me out for some more, and the suggestion is enough to make me retch again.
It was a joke, of course, but it was also the text of a lesson that endured throughout our life together.
It was one of those school mornings-some older guys had got her high on beer, for a joke.
Current flex vehicles are a joke in my humble opinion.
The life experience side of it was a bit of a cruel joke.
Trickle down economics was and is a really bad joke.
The joke encapsulates one of the great puzzles of contemporary technology.
The movie played it for laughs, but military hearing loss is no joke.
Face recognition and tracking tech is important but this is a joke.
Selling electricity back to the utilities from a charged electric car would be a joke due to conversion losses.
Still, surgeons often joke that shunt work is akin to plumbing.
The audience seemed not entirely convinced that this was a joke.
My impression of this whole affair is that the joke will ultimately be on the bot's creator.
There's an old joke: if you tell someone the universe is expanding, he'll believe you.
The muffin joke is funny because it is self-undermining.
She couldn't find the guest bedroom, and she would often joke that her husband had moved it when she wasn't looking.
But sometimes an idea is so ridiculous that you have to wonder if it's a joke.
We joke nervously, not knowing what the next minutes may bring.
Because of the astronomy inside joke of her holding a staticky television.
Students who drink heavily sometimes joke that they are killing a few brain cells.
All you need is a typewriter, plenty of paper, and two or three old almanacs or joke books.
In lowercase they become so killingly matter-of-fact, which is the whole joke.
Perhaps it was some sort of joke, tacked there by the villagers, or by some previous hiker with an odd sense of humor.
There's always a choice, when you're writing: you can either go for the joke or you can go for the story, the important stuff.
In other words, not getting the joke is the crime that justifies the public humiliation.
Irreverence demystifies art, it draws you into the in-joke, the inner circle of knowledge.
He's able to access any joke instantly and brilliantly.
But if somebody doesn't get the joke, then you become a caricature of what the joke was.
Surely the barman would ask if it was some kind of joke.
The joke was that she was stealing the spotlight for herself.
Nearby, the heavies laugh and laugh at joke after joke, take after take.
Security measures against espionage are often a joke.
Presents a joke, usually near the beginning of the meeting.

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