jealousy in a sentence

Example sentences for jealousy

We idolize our heroes, yet we feel jealousy toward them.
Without any evidence to support her jealousy, she issues an official ''denunciation'' of the alleged affair.
But an even stronger motivator, I find, is jealousy.
For all of them he was capable of the deepest love, even naked, childish jealousy.
It's nothing more than petty jealousy.
It engenders jealousy on the player's own club.
He experiences joy, jealousy, fantasy and love.
It is a little bit of class jealousy.
It may elicit jealousy and anger.
His swift rise has provoked some jealousy within the party.
There is nothing wrong with feeling anger, jealousy, or even deep anguish.
Too often, though, they're twisted by their jealousy of the people who have made real what they only predicted.
Some of my friends started spinning fantastical explanations, including my political views and simple jealousy.
And let me make a confession here that part of this is good old-fashioned jealousy.
The lack of self-esteem and jealousy, have been etiologies for weakness, as a manifestation of negativity.
In all his letters there is not a glimmer of professional jealousy nor a word of belittling criticism.
Grievances and jealousy are producing hatred, and the resentment felt by the have-nots can be striking.
Anyway, it was a short piece-a parody-on jealousy among academics.
Richly paid foreigners can also cause jealousy among locals.
Other immigrants have unlicensed corner shops or hawk their wares on the streets: their modest success fuels jealousy.
Some sniping at him may be the result of others' jealousy or snobbery.
It is fueled by jealousy of the have nots and the guilt of the haves.
Their mutual antipathies are generally much stronger than jealousy of the government.
And there was some anger and some jealousy in what she was saying.
So jealousy was probably a factor in the bad blood that developed between them.
Her parents are terribly upset, but her former boyfriend nearly goes berserk with jealousy.
In the trade of the goldsmiths it roused considerable jealousy among those who thought that they were capable of matching it.
With a capacity for intense jealousy such as he has, he would really be insane if he married.
Others founder in tempests of selfishness, or rocks of jealousy.
The ingenue couldn't see garden-variety jealousy when it smacked her with her own rising star.
Jealousy often attacks those who feel they are not measuring up.
There's the standard measure of petty jealousy--fresh versus dried.
What you need to watch for is jealousy that is extreme or used to control the other partner.

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