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In a former courthouse here, jail cells have been converted into offices and a courtroom adapted into a lecture hall.
It is a kind of get-out-of-jail-free card, relieving the speaker of accountability.
The difference between civil and criminal penalties is simply that you can't go to jail for civil penalties.
There's no evidence the two ever met outside of jail.
There are selfish reasons for this-you don't want to be beaten up or thrown in jail.
Putting parents in jail or fining or removing their children isn't the right answer.
The part that keeps them out of reform school, jail, and other areas of extreme social reaction.
If both decide to cooperate, they will each get five years in jail.
Maybe you could volunteer in special education or better yet at any local jail so that you can get your facts straight.
Jail time for some of these rogue cops would help settle the rest of them down.
And nobody is going to jail for it, and nobody is punished for it.
To me, that says some oil people and some government workers need to go to jail.
They go to jail, and their already crappy lives get destroyed for voicing concerns.
If you say that you can be fined or arrested or go to jail.
Many others likely languish in jail due to similarly mistaken beliefs about the accuracy of memory.
At this point, my brother had been sentenced to jail time for having four ounces of cocaine that he was delivering.
They checked his registration and his luggage, then drove him to the city jail and locked him up.
Before that could happen, a mob burst into the jail and killed him.
Thousands of political prisoners remain in jail, some of them serving sixty-year terms in brutal conditions.
People have been sent to jail without a guilty plea or a trial, or tossed from their homes without a proper proceeding.
The bill in question would steer non-violent offenders towards drug treatment rather than jail.
One journalist even told his colleagues he would be ready to go to jail for doing so.
It's bad enough that one can be sent to jail for it.
Yet for over a decade he has languished in jail awaiting a response to his plea for mercy.
It is now bankrupt and its top executives are in jail.
He spent six years in jail, mostly in solitary confinement, until his conviction was overturned.
People always talk about the free food and laundry service but you get that in jail too.
Be sure to check out the ship's jail, where they would put soldiers who misbehaved.
For instance when you go to jail you will hear the cell door closing behind you.
If he spoke about his allegations now, he could go to jail.
The driver spent six months in jail and is serving the remainder of his five-year sentence on probation.
But her reflex says a lot about sanitary conditions in the jail.
Little did they know that they were about to be threatened with fines, or even jail time, unless they abandoned their plans.
Spent seven months in jail, and then the matter was dropped.
At one point, his lawyer was accused of bribing witnesses in the trial and had to spend two weeks in jail.
He reported to the local precinct and then quickly found himself in jail.
Guidance is provided for successfully identifying, evaluating, and selecting jail sites.
Steps involved in developing an understanding of jail population dynamics and factors behind jail crowding are delineated.
Feedback from previous training was that it was not specifically applicable to what happened in the jail.

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