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But it was the white jade that sparked the day's real excitement.
Buses carrying groups of tourists in the parking lot of a jade workshop.
The city is depicted as one of both great wealth-with a lot of people wearing jade jewelry-and great poverty.
Bead necklaces continue to be good and jade is the leading color for the new season.
It wore a collar made of jade beads and turquoise plugs in its ears.
Shop fronts display pottery, jade carvings, and other chinoiserie.
The lobby has red lacquer walls and fulsome carvings in ivory and jade.
These are beautifully decorated, with white marble lattice and marble mosaics studded with green jade, lapis lazuli and agate.
It has also announced plans for another money-spinning auction of gems and jade, next month.
The studio was cramped and airless, with jade- green carpeting and walls of a hopeful hot pink.
He also has a thick white beard and a jade shamrock in his left earlobe.
He buys an inexpensive tiny jade rabbit, and gives it to her as a gift when he sees her outside the store.
She was wearing a sleeveless red shirt and was accompanied by a thank-you note and a jade pendant, with no other belongings.
He was a fine scholar, a gourmet, and a connoisseur of jade.
The dead nobleman's widow, in white robes and jade, mourns alongside warriors and friends.
As adults, females are reddish brown and males are jade-and-pink.
It owes its jade-colored waters to the mineral-rich silt washed down by surrounding glaciers.

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Better to be shattered jade than unbroken pottery.... more
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