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Example sentences for ire

The threat of pulling such a well-known and widely used therapy has sparked ire of many patients and advocates.
His belief in a possible link between intelligence and race and gender has long provoked the ire of myriad critics.
F acing environmentalists' ire, fast-food franchises switched from polystyrene burger boxes to cardboard several years back.
So the real test will be how the particle physics community responds, whether with spittle-flecked ire or reasoned argument.
That's actually true, but not because no politician dares risk the ire of the shadow government that controls the saucer fleet.
But according to someone at the dinner party, she was directing her ire at her brother's handling of the crisis.
It also, as you know, got up the ire of some of my colleagues.
Up until now, the premier did not want to face voter ire if possible.
He was famous for his ability to manipulate tribal rivalries to direct popular ire away from his office.
Users whose listings are flagged off the site get no hint as to what they may have done to attract ire.
Fortunately for his neighbours, the target of his ire is the weeds that have grown up in his garden.
The plan failed on both counts-but ignited riots among students and ire among parents and lecturers.
They also face public ire if they are seen as sharing out gains or pains unfairly.
But perhaps the biggest pressure is likely to come from shareholder ire.
But diesel also emits more carcinogenic particles, earning the ire of campaigners for cleaner urban air.

Famous quotes containing the word ire

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She, her head back, waited Barbarous the stalking tide; Her, nor balked nor sated But plunged into the wide Area of ment... more
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