invigorate in a sentence

Example sentences for invigorate

The aim is to invigorate the health-insurance market by drawing more people into it and by removing hidden subsidies.
Last week, game publishers unleashed a slew of promo clips meant to surprise, invigorate and tantalize us.
Internally, it could beautify and perhaps even invigorate the working environment.
Anyone hungering for a robust vision to invigorate the economy and increase employment is still hungry.
Some systems have spent federal stimulus money to invigorate summer school.
The diamond district does not particularly need a gold rush to invigorate its sidewalks.
More jobs and higher pay would invigorate consumer spending.
Natural strains and careful matchmaking invigorate the genetic lineage of stocked muskellunge.
It's also used to invigorate degraded habitat and replenish low stream flows.
Our commitment is to a new education system that will excite learners, invigorate teachers and impress employers.
Invigorate communications and public awareness of plant pathogens.
Your warmup should not tire you out but invigorate you and decrease the risk of joint or muscle injury.
He also will use his vast economic development experience to invigorate the state's economic development efforts.
In addition, the workforce system must invigorate workforce and education partnerships to create career pathways.
They invigorate long-term employees whose jobs may have grown stale for them.
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