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At one time he ordered the defense to interrogate veniremen in groups.
We learn to interrogate arguments and to criticize the work of those who have explored a body of research before us.
He began to alternately yell at and interrogate the driver.
Yes, you travel to new locations, then interrogate suspects.
In some ways, perhaps, it is best not to interrogate a legend too closely.
Police can also continue to interrogate suspects during that time.
Concerned citizens interrogate their representatives on the issues of the day, every day.
The police used information from the computers to track down and interrogate some of the group's supporters.
Likewise, they can interrogate a suspect, but not beat him with rubber hoses.
There is a certain drudgery to trying to interrogate the unwilling, and that accounts for these hearings' dullness.
The aim in using ethics to interrogate history is to help understand a side of human nature often left in darkness.
The movie's later scenes are mostly flashbacks as they interrogate one another and pour out life histories.
But these meetings can be terrifying when he uses them to cajole, upbraid, or interrogate his subordinates.
We need methods to interrogate a wave at speed of light.
Foreign officials have been allowed to visit and, in some cases, to interrogate their own nationals at the camp.
However, as the police started to interrogate her more thoroughly, she was forced to seek legal advice.
All the detective could do was interrogate her while she was working for the burgled family.
But more to the point, the military is much better equipped to interrogate prisoners.
Agents gather intelligence, evidence and information to interrogate and debrief.

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You must treat the days respectfully, you must be a day yourself, and not interrogate it like a college pro... more
... we need to interrogate "reverence," for idolization can be another way one is objectified and not reall... more
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