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Example sentences for intent

Problem was, the landscaping fought the intent of the house.
And with all intent, you want people to start at the start.
Logistic model describes exactly this conception, though hitherto was not use in this intent.
The end result of my year-long blogs may not land me any movie deals or book contracts, but that was never the intent.
When you are involved in politics, your life is an open book, and people can come in who don't necessarily have good intent.
The intent of this survey is not to identify some colleges as poor performers.
The intent is to highlight those that appear to be doing something well.
They are not the products of willful deception by researchers intent on violating the fundamental norms of scientific research.
He with good intent addressed the gathering and spoke among them:.
First, it's not entirely clear what type of academic career you are intent on pursuing.
Point is, the last of these is for career professors who have no intent of what might be called regular workplace work.
Sometimes they, too, are so intent on constructing them that they forget to discuss a candidate's intellectual contributions.
Instead, the rule focuses on the intent of the investment rather than its risk characteristics.
It is an area in which the primary intent of our policy has been totally frustrated.
The intent is to prevent future bailouts, while ensuring that big firms can fail without causing a huge market shock.
But when you're doing this with the intent of trying to write about someone, you don't let the familiar become too familiar.
Nor is the intent primarily to control violence through aggressive police action.
Within neighborhoods the explicit intent is to calm and tame vehicular traffic.
But perhaps it was inevitable that his work would be taken up by people intent on doing more in bed than sleeping.
Legal parentage is not always predicated on biological parentage, and intent may trump biology.
Tom, meanwhile, is intent on finding his way back to the future.
All it requires is the intent to have someone think something that is different from what you believe.
The intent of the study was to show that the treatment is safe, not to look at its effectiveness.
Users can type or speak commands in casual sentences, and the software deciphers their intent from the context.
But for the few visitors who come to the site with a casual ill intent, it might.
He remained more intent upon becoming a player and pundit, types to which the network had never catered, than a host or reporter.
But she is clearly intent on maintaining a busy schedule and a positive mind-set.
Your third option is to examine the intent behind the question and respond with an answer as it might apply to the job.
Curry, the state's all-time leading scorer, faces two felony counts each of possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana.
The intent of consuming music is usually to have an awareness or a feeling, to have a truly empathic connection to others.
The intent of both channels is to offer an easy-to-use interface for full size screens.
Ultimately, a legal contract is based on the common intent of the contracting parties.
The role of the court is often to decide what that intent was.
The best painter in the world, as he was often said to be, seemed intent on rubbing the world's nose in human ugliness.
Besides those who have already signalled their intent to make trouble, other unions could join in.
Self-interest also explains why many companies are intent on creating greener supply chains, in spite of the costs.
But proving intent often requires evidence from eyewitnesses, who may be no healthier than the defendant.
The scientists in question disclaim any intent to push back frontiers other than those of human understanding.
Universities intent on growth in these officially austere times are particularly reliant on foreign students.
The party seems intent on showing that it will allow no leeway to those dreaming of a people-power movement or democracy.
Practically everything seems intent on shouting about its existence.
Many of them are unreachable political primitives, intent on bringing down the peace process rather than joining it.
But proving corruption requires proving the intent to exchange one favour for another.
Meanwhile, other governments are intent on gaining access to euro-zone summits.
In other words, it looks at intent and action rather than outcomes.
Despite its growing popularity, the concept of genocide maintains a narrow legal definition which hinges on specific intent.
Casting vague opinion, often antiscientific in intent, is inappropriate comment.
Of course this is all a plot between the climatologists intent on world domination and their lackeys, the cunning wolverines.
It is the intent of the rich in poorer nations to maintain a large poor uneducated community for their benefit.
Other scientists, intent on proving the uniqueness of humans, tend to discount my research.
Because at times, a doctor can in fact do harm without intent.
He did not conspire with mal-intent, therefore the ends do not justify the means.
But if his intent is to rule out any kind of free will, then the evidence is against him.
Given the grandiose intent of the discussion, that was surely disappointing.
His continuation of spelling an author's name incorrectly after he has been informed of this speaks volumes about his intent.
On the other hand, natural processes have no intent and no responsibility.
It's going to take a lot more than some statement of intent.
The intent would be for general improvement of the land and maybe sometime in the future used for ethanol.
Government seems now only intent on making maters worse.
The dog never showed the slightest hostility or bad intent.
But for all intent and purpose, you're seeing a snapshot of our solar system in seven or eight billion years.
Nor did robins set out with the intent of domesticating strawberries.
There were also males with shrunken larynxes, a crippling handicap for a frog intent on mating.
But that was the intent of the session, to get a brainstorm of what needs to be done.
He's not seriously proposing that there is a conscious intent there.
Your ignorance of what you're posting about continues to show the opposite of your intent.
My intent is to use such research to wield my way onto a think tank.
Certifiers have an intent to keep their standards high, but there is a gradation of standards.
We had the intent of selling the home within a couple of years.
Your opposite half is intent on getting his or her way.
Policy governing multiple notice-of-intent filings for projects on the same property.
There's how history records what you did, but there's also what your real intent was.
All of which could mean more time loitering outside buildings and in alleyways for smokers intent on grabbing a puff.
Yet that narrative coexists with another more compelling tale: that of a rising continent intent on recapturing its former glory.
The question is whether this was the result of negligence or an intent to defraud.

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