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Similar results were obtained in the second study, in which performance on three insight problems was gauged.
Besides being rather cool, the result provides new insight into how to treat traumatic memories in people.
Yet despite years of study, new insight into the creature's unusual form of communication continues to come to light.
The biology underlying this self-image has proven difficult to figure out, but the results of a new study offer some insight.
Humans retain an edge over computers when complex problems require intuition and leaps of insight rather than brute calculation.
The paper was likely listed to provide more insight into polymer solar cell design.
The findings offer insight into how this particular genetic variation and smoking interact to cause lung cancer.
Illustrations provide insight on sustaining humanity and alternative energy spending.
The results offer new insight into why malaria patients often deteriorate significantly at the fever stage.
The phenomenon could offer new insight into human immune reactions to foreign cells.
She has been capitalising on her insight ever since.
But they provide a striking insight into the ways that geography can shape human affairs.
The best books provide an insight into how business revolutionises the world.
His central insight was that firms exist because going to the market all the time can impose heavy transaction costs.
His simple insight was that many suicides could be averted if the despairing had emotional support in their darkest hour.
As a result, he and his team have gained a more sophisticated insight into the way co-operation develops.
The three sisters and two brothers may offer insight into the way our apelike ancestors moved, according to scientists.
The intact, blood-red funeral chamber offers insight into the ancient city's early history, experts say.
After your stay, you'll leave with the kind of insight only soulful places can provide.
These atoms provide a chemical insight into the geology of the region where the animal lived.
His education and training as an oceanographer give him a special insight into photographing marine science.
Rich with insight on the activity of effectual and intelligent reading.
The epistles of the great orator and politician offer both personal insight and policy initiative.
It is, therefore, of the highest importance to gain a clear insight into the means of modification and coadaptation.
The importance of this insight into the nature of the symptom can best be brought home to you by way of examples.
Writers and editors offer insight and field your questions.
Visiting a country's monuments is a fascinating way to get an insight into its history and heritage.
Half of these tasks were creative insight puzzles, in which the answer arrives suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere.
If the president is going to make better decisions, he needs better insight into how other cultures work, she adds.
It's not that expert insight has become irrelevant in an era of crowdsourced feedback.
Ambiguity is not an opening for insight but a bug to be fixed.
But a writer who works with deep insight and truthful purpose can never be guilty of a lack of decency.
But the actual scene offered no new insight into characters or events.
We are there to follow orders, to admire and applaud the author's supposed insight.
At the end of the night, a recognized critic still has plenty of insight into the merits of a restaurant.
He preferred the beauty of insight to the brawn of proof.
One way to gain insight into the nature of digital technology is to put it in historical context.
Alligators on a treadmill have helped give scientists new insight into how birds fly.
Yes, when intelligence allows true insight the positive outcome is true clarity.
Your video and the article supply a wonderful insight.
She shared some insight on how the current pandemic relates to past ones.
Even the food stalls provide an insight into the city's history.
But few observers have provided much insight into what colleges can do to solve the problem.
Experience and insight are often located at lower pay grades than is the authority to make improvements.
Thank you for sharing your insight from the conference.
And they certainly didn't see why he should have any special insight into the multi-trillion-dollar subprime-mortgage-bond market.
No insight was required to understand that crime was a symptom of poverty and alienation.
What falls in the gap is any subtlety of insight into actual human beings.
The work prints in particular give insight into what made the book succeed.
Yet there was a vein of humane insight in his work, too.
As for whether ants look to humans for insight into themselves, science has no answer.
The edition is generously sprinkled with the writer's quips, essays, and correspondence offering spiritual insight.
With this new insight, the writer began to improve and gradually succeeded in eliminating puns from his conversation.
None of my scrutinizing has yielded a shred of insight into how he does what he does.
There is clearly insight as well as information in these books.
And his books show that he has wrung from them every drop of insight and breadth of perspective they contained.
It would be pleasant to report that the author has come up with a new concept of happiness, full of original insight.
It's a lot of fun to get a flash of insight on something, and even better to find out it's attackable by science.
He speaks with researchers, too, about their moments of inspiration and insight.
In the morning, he found the notes illegible, the insight vanished.
Even though it is a meaningless piece of trivia, it is an interesting insight into the history.
The simple insight that lectures don't work well raises two questions.
Different viewing angles give insight into the particles making up the rings, since they reflect and scatter light differently.
Combined with the power of the new genomics you could really crank up the level of insight.
But it showed that computer models could give an important insight into the formation of structures on a grand scale.
To be sure, the idea of using biometrics to provide marketing insight isn't new.
The model also provides some insight into how the crystals form.
The results provide an important insight into the mechanics of flapping flight.
However, their new insight is that the regions of instability can be used to make the switch from one gait to another.
Such insight will allow scientists to deduce the moon's interior structure, composition, and its history.
His story is a simple human tragedy, but beyond that, it provides unique historical insight into a tormenting war.
Their shrewdness of insight is grounded in nothing but a self-protective reflex of suspicion.
His sociological and psychological insight is penetrating, especially where the two categories overlap.
The law would have had a much more beneficial effect if educators had reacted with more insight to its provisions.
And this policy, too, was based on a genuine insight into the psychology of its audience.
Its approach is not narrow, but on the contrary, full of judicious insight and historical perspective.
Not through flashes of insight, wordplay, trains of thought.
It is the triumph of ideas and insight over style, of originality over reaction.
His comments on his quotations, on the poems more than the prose, sometimes suggest plain speculation rather than insight.

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