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Example sentences for innuendo

And getting behind the action is sometimes the key to pulling off this little feat of visual innuendo.
Their entire existence is based on lies, innuendo and a complete misreading of law.
But you've already damned yourself by attempting to get your way through unjustified psychological innuendo.
Some people have a resistance to innuendo and to rumor, and some people have absolutely no immunity to it.
Stock fluctuations based on rumor and innuendo are a constant source of aggravation.
Rather, he relies on innuendo to convey what is ultimately a difference of opinion.
There is no point in replying to this kind of innuendo.
For the biographical study, whose integrity and serious import cannot be questioned, is flawed by foggy psychological innuendo.
Consequently this column will inform you about players, trends, rumor and innuendo and will give you a big emphasis on prospects.
Grand jury secrecy protects the uncharged from the innuendo that tends to arise from their having been investigated.
Without evidentiary support, the prosecutor was improperly impeaching by innuendo and by contradiction.
Instead, to support his allegations of agency impropriety, he has relied on innuendo and insinuation.
The rumor and innuendo you're hearing about controller salaries is particularly vexing.
Reversed as judgment was based in innuendo and stacked inferences, not direct evidence.
The improperly elicited gang evidence was culmination of a trial based on fear mongering and innuendo.

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