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Nocardia infection is a rare disorder affecting the lungs, brain, or skin.
The puss may indicate an infection in the cyst as well.
They wonder what benefit they could bring, especially given the obvious risks of infection and reduced fertility.
Scientists have discovered a tiny, one-celled parasite that causes a grisly and fatal infection in krill.
As long as someone has a fever, they have the possibility to transmit infection.
Apparently it's morphing into a sinus infection if you don't beat it back within the first week.
Nearly half of those buried here were children, who often suffered from anemia and were vulnerable to infection.
Sinusitis refers to inflammation of the sinuses that occurs with a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection.
As the tiny particles are inhaled, they get into the lungs and can start an infection.
What would be interesting would be the hospital staff's ability to fight off infection once acquired.
About two months ago he had an infection and this involved an operation and hospital stay.
Modern medicine, meanwhile, means the hulk's weakened immune system is less likely to expose him to lethal infection.
The maggots eat dead tissue around the wound that can prevent healing and cause infection.
They're the only drug that, once in the bloodstream, replenishes itself until the infection is gone.
Modern zombies are usually created, not by voodoo, but by infection.
Three days later he reached safety, but infection set in and he narrowly avoided having his leg amputated.
It may be an ear infection or strep, and getting them on meds would make them feel much better.
For adults, this can mean setting a broken wing or giving antibiotics for an infection.
Yet vexingly, today's treatments cannot actually cure the infection.
Pesticide-dosed bees proved especially vulnerable to infection.
Plague is a bacterial infection found mainly in rodents and their fleas.
Four of my friends, each in a different large city, have skipped work because of a nasty infection.
When the cicadas die from the fungal infection their bodies spread more spores into the ground.
She was euthanized after developing a lung infection common to sheep but usually found in older animals.
Hospital surgeries reduce the infection rate, but many boys opt for the old rite.
In rare instances, the worm causes potentially deadly meningitis, an infection of the fluid that bathes the spinal cord and brain.
He was diagnosed mental illness without thought of an infection being in the mix.
To avoid infection of certain vegetables, look for resistant plants.
Some people are more prone to infection than others.
Most importantly, though, it is a constant source of infection.
Some act as part of the immune system's memory, so that it can respond quickly to the recurrence of an infection.
These spores are, in effect, reservoirs for infection.
Its main medical use is to suppress the immune system, so anyone consuming it casually would open himself to serious infection.
These attributes are genetically programmed functions of normal cells that are intended to combat infection or repair injury.
Reducing the body's ability to fight disease allows infection by a host of pathogens.
The source of the original infection remains a mystery.
Although these drugs keep them alive, they open their bodies to infection.
No one at the newspaper has shown any sign of infection.
The developed world seem to be getting the infection after years of being disciplined.
Candida infection is particularly common in people with diabetes and in people who are obese.
Acute sinusitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection in the sinuses that results from an upper respiratory tract infection.
The goal of treatment is to cure the infection and make symptoms go away.
The infection may be more severe and last longer in people who have a condition that weakens the immune system.
Complications vary with the site and type of infection.
There may be pus-filled blisters, especially with a bacterial infection.
Tells about the investigation that led to the source of the infection-the delivery room resuscitators.
Epidemiologists study patterns in order to combat infection.
It determined the presence of antibodies, which show that a body's immune system has begun to respond to an infection.
They have all caught the infection, and yet there is no disease.
Or maybe it contained in its heart an imbalance or an infection, as happens to some of us.
When the infection works its way down to the bone, the structure holding the tooth in begins to collapse altogether.
And there is no satisfying consensus about the mechanism by which the contraceptive encourages infection.
Studies later showed evidence of infection in ground squirrels, which may be a natural host for the virus.
The mature fungus stalk, shown growing from a zombie ant's head during the final stage of infection, differs among fungi species.
During such an infection, inflamed nodules within the membranes create pressure on the bone surface, leaving the lesions.
Finally, there is the danger of infection from pig viruses.
Unfortunately, his body rejected the organ and he died from a staph infection.
It's now believed he died from a leg infection even though some people think he was killed by the high priests.
It is a fact that there would be no ensuing infection, even though no antisepsis was used.
If harmed, snails can even secrete a medicinal slime that will protect them from infection.
Doctors had diagnosed her-twice-with a bladder infection and prescribed antibiotics.
We all know that cleaning a cut helps avoid infection.
The flu is a viral infection caused by the influenza virus, a respiratory virus.
No one welcomes a serious infection, but in some cases it can help to protect you against tumors.
But for people whose infection does not go away, they face a higher risk of cancer.
One day in the future, infection may be fought by simply switching bacterial invaders off.
Researchers have put a new face on what may be an old genetic weapon to help plants fight off a pesky infection.
Throughout much of human history, almost any bacterial infection could end up taking a life.
Once injected, the immune system produces antibodies against it, protecting the body in case of an infection.
But doctors sometimes give antibiotics to patients who have what turns out to be a viral infection.
Think how different this case is from what happens in rabies, another nasty infection.
It was his first time out in public since a staph infection felled him this summer.
The last week of the year she missed entirely, nursing an ear infection.
One thing that isn't clear, though, is how the infection is transmitted.
The only hint of infection was her elevated white-blood-cell count.
If left untreated, the infection can spread--with disastrous consequences.
Smokers are more likely to die or become seriously ill from a flu or other viral infection than non-smokers are.
The bacteria that plague us during an infection are never quite the same as the ones that entered our body to begin with.
Rheumatic fever is a complication of something astonishingly basic: an untreated strep throat infection.
Dermatomyositis, a rare inflammatory muscle disease, may be triggered by viral infection-or something more sinister.
If an egg is fertilized, infection may be worth risking.
But according to a new study, the cold temperatures in operating rooms actually triple the risk of infection.
From there the germs are sent on to another receptor and into the brain, where infection-fighting immune cells cannot reach them.
Infection had set in, and the conventional therapies--antibiotics and surgical removal of dead tissue--had failed to stop it.
Some patients improved after marked temperature elevations, with or without infection.
Twenty-eight of the patients died soon after their transfusions, and in many cases, the infection may have contributed.
Allowing younger mosquitoes to continue reproducing reduces the development of resistance while keeping infection rates low.
Thus the drugs can prevent endocarditis, infection of the heart lining and valves.
And so the cycle of infection and inflammation continues.
The cause is usually pneumonia, a common infection in lungs that aren't getting enough air.
One possibility is that we're seeing the beginnings of an entirely new kind of landscape of infection.
Or it could be made into a gel that could be applied to wounds to treat or prevent infection.
The pathogens studied in level three labs can be transmitted through the air and cause potentially lethal infection.
It helps prevent the development of cervical cancer by stopping viral infection--but it cannot treat existing cervical cancer.
Current implants have protruding wires that increase risk of infection and limit patients' mobility.
It is usually caused by a bacterial infection that sets off a body-wide inflammatory response.
The problem of hospital acquired infection is quite bad enough without inflating it to ludicrous proportions.
Even medical professionals make mistakes, and there's always the risk of infection.
The antibodies generated in that process protect them against future infection.
The attendees learned that cholera is a bacterial infection.
No other family members have developed symptoms, reflecting a relatively low infection-rate of the virus.

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