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Independent from the start, he ran away from home twice.
The itinerary factors in ample time for independent exploring during the city stays.
Bees reach this decision by gathering information, conducting independent evaluations, and holding a kind of vote.
Females typically give birth to about five pups, which are not independent until six to eight months of age.
They have no independent means of propulsion and either drift on the currents or catch the wind with their pneumatophores.
Companies needed to have powerful shareholders and independent directors to keep a watchful eye on managers.
Other efforts seek to turn independent politicians-often seen as cranks and amateurs-into effective candidates.
But the result is that he could easily alienate the independent supporters who are his great strength.
Prospective member countries have been ordered to reform their legal systems and create independent anti-corruption agencies.
Let's try genuinely independent, professional boards of directors.
It would create an independent consumer financial-protection bureau.
For independent investors, farmland is an especially attractive option because it can offer relief from several burdensome taxes.
The last time it was independent, it was the queen of the scene.
But the people here want to start a nonmetaphorical revolution by creating their own independent nations.
Unlike those above, the sentence cannot be split into two independent statements.
All these are at first independent of each other and of the extra-embryonic celom, but later they become continuous.
The arteries of neighboring lobules are independent of each other, but the veins freely anastomose.
Learn some useful art that you may be independent of the caprice of fortune.
So fixed is this habit that his art, truly, is independent of his bodily state.
The fluency and ornaments of the finest poems or music or orations or recitations, are not independent but dependent.
There was something original, independent, and heroic about the plan that pleased the camp.
Among bachelor's-degree recipients, independent students were also more likely to have high debt levels.
Today an increasing number of colleges have formed partnerships with independent providers.
She is the type of independent voter who will determine the general election.
Small, independent developers are succeeding in getting houses built where the government has failed.
Scientists must ask corporations for permission before publishing independent research on genetically modified crops.
Numerical reasoning seems independent of language.
Surely there are independent researchers in the beauty field.
Our nation needs to invest in renewable energy and strive to become energy independent.
To show you as a narrow minded ideologue without independent thought, yes.
And two fuel tanks, diesel, independent to ensure supply.
What is needed is independent verification with controls, otherwise this ridiculous hype will continue.
Click a state to learn more about its giving to candidates, parties and independent groups.
Now a candidate can literally be outspent by independent groups.
Exactly what is happening on this beach is difficult to determine because there are few independent witnesses.
It seems that football took to the world pitch at about the same time as the modern independent nation-state.
Because you don't have to worry about that sort of thing if you're independent.
She had an independent conscience from her earliest years.
Which is not unusual for a big production movie but it is unusual for an independent movie of this size.
The fact she had such a deprived early existence makes it more difficult for her to become independent.
The independent software developer wanted to get his voice out-unexpurgated.
The real news will be when it's actively working and subject to independent, repeatable tests.
The company has conducted extensive trials on the ease of cleaning up the gum and has done independent taste tests.
However, no other company has made available a comparable amount of data to independent developers.
If coupled with a fuel cell vehicle the household would become completely energy independent.
As the data flows the compiler sees which functions are independent.
However, independent laboratory evaluation is planned in the near-future.
The fact, something can be computed in less or more independent way doesn't mean, it doesn't exist at all.
If you run an independent mail server and wished to accept email from any servers without payment that would be your option.
As the result, the shape of clusters remains quite independent to the lifetime of individual hydrogen linkages between molecules.
Not only was he the first human in space, he was the first to escape his capsule and land independent of it.
Chloroplasts are not independent modules that can be easily separated from their host cell and implanted into another.
Independent of whether the consequences should follow.
Independent scientific investigation is something of a family trait.
Most of the people you would call operate independent of the government and wouldn't even listen to you.
Its structure is completely independent of our projection of design concepts of modern silicon-based computer hardware onto it.
However, direct genetic evidence for population growth after independent agricultural origins has been elusive.
But unlike a museum, a park is not independent of its surroundings.
Independent bookstores seem to be making a surprising comeback as well.
Independent of the dollar, gold has actually increased considerably in value.
It's mainly for people who want an independent opinion about the quality of the funds they are in.

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