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It perfectly captures that moment when something is so new as to be incomprehensible based on our current body of knowledge.
It can also help you understand things people do that at first encounter you might consider incomprehensible or even horrifying.
The chimpanzee has strength for a human that is utterly incomprehensible.
And this makes their heinous breach of parental olfactory responsibilities all the more incomprehensible.
Belief in that which is unobservable, unprovable, unfalsifiable and incomprehensible isn't science.
The more dimensions are involved, the more complex the law and the more incomprehensible it becomes.
To me, you are a bit incomprehensible, but admirably so.
At the outset, our students wrote quickly and haphazardly, producing incomprehensible homework.
To speak outside of hegemonic ideology is, of course, to be incomprehensible.
Employers regularly communicated with the school, sending incomprehensible resumes wondering how these students got diplomas.
As for writing, well, their work was essentially incomprehensible.
Their teachers were either incomprehensible of incompetent to teach those subjects, or both.
Signs are incomprehensible, and traffic is often unnavigable.
As a grown-up he still continued playing, which sometimes made him appear strange and incomprehensible to his contemporaries.
Some prohibitions are easily understood from their purpose but others strike us as incomprehensible, foolish and senseless.
Whence the poor soul suffers an incomprehensible agony and torment.
Yet one was as incomprehensible to him as the other.
The gesture was incomprehensible and full of menace, and no one could say to whom or at what it might be directed.
It is this fact that makes the tragedy even more painful and even more incomprehensible.
But categorizing his act as depraved and incomprehensible is unhelpful.
But postulating such an ability means postulating something that is, in scientific terms, inherently incomprehensible.
The space between the houses is an incomprehensible abyss.
His all but incomprehensible scripts are spattered with buzzwords from technology and business, but veer steadily into nonsense.
Tells fathers annual address to the children which is incomprehensible run-on sentences amounting to nothing.
It's incomprehensible to everyone in the book, and they have to find some way to live with that uncertainty.
The idea of automating the task should be incomprehensible to managers.
He scratched his head for a couple of minutes before getting out his pen and drawing a series of incomprehensible boxes.
First, federal statutes are often so poorly written and so vague that they are in effect incomprehensible.
First, different sensors tend to spew out information in different, mutually incomprehensible formats.
But then much of the story is really rather incomprehensible to anyone but an anti-terrorism or intelligence expert.
At the same time it's worrying to see yet another promising country fall apart due to the incomprehensible actions of its leader.
When and why sloe gin became the bottle of choice for teenagers looking to get looped is not only unknown but incomprehensible.
The spider surveyed its universe, but everything beyond that gossamer pinwheel was incomprehensible.
Yes, the shadow geometry is all wrong, which makes the picture fairly incomprehensible.
They keep discovering new things that are more weird and incomprehensible than the last thing they discovered.
These jets can be many thousands of light years long, so the energies involved are fantastic, almost incomprehensible.
However, anyone need not listen to more than a stanza before noticing that it is utterly incomprehensible.
Frankly, some of their posts are downright incomprehensible.
The eagle swivels her head to find the source of the strange, meaningless thunder, the incomprehensible sound.
They became confused, looked at one another, and mumbled something incomprehensible.
One should rather, he said, admire the living body for its wonderful and almost incomprehensible subtlety and complexity.
To be sure, he often is incomprehensible to the world at large, but he understands what he says perfectly.
Other adults are incomprehensible beings who hide in offices all day, performing secret tasks.
Lewis was livid at the incomprehensible way in which the museum's figures were presented to board members.
The controller's response was garbled and incomprehensible.
She found the music entrancing, the setting beguiling-and the opera incomprehensible.
The sentence peters out, emptied of words to describe the ultimately incomprehensible.
Nature yells out with almost incomprehensible energy.
And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives.
Weber's paintings, with their brash color and stylized forms, were virtually incomprehensible to critics and the public.
Some of the language would have been incomprehensible to the community at large.
The synthesized paragraphs were found to be so nearly incomprehensible that they were effectively excluded from the results.

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