impudence in a sentence

Example sentences for impudence

One waits in vain for him to show the slightest impudence in this film.
It is one with which you can laugh-with its own impudence toward foreign crises-while laughing at its rowdy spinning jokes.
Such impudence is unforgivable editorially and personally.
The law empowers the minister of interior to detain a defendant for crimes related to national security, honor, or impudence.
She knows she ought not to give in to ignorance and impudence, but rather than be deserted in the midst of house-cleaning.
It had the impudence to demand the printing at legal, rates without a circulation.

Famous quotes containing the word impudence

Satiation, like any state of vitality, always contains a degree of impudence, and that impudencemore
It sometimes strikes me that the whole of science is a piece of impudence; that nature can afford to ignore... more
Wealth, howsoever got, in England makes Lords of mechanics, gentlemen of rakes; Antiquity and birth are needless here; '... more
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