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Others recommend putting salt in the coffee grounds, rather than the final product, to improve the brew's flavor.
Humans are deeply social creatures, after all, so it seems logical that good social relations should improve our lives.
When it arrived there were many expectations that it would improve education and everything else.
After the paragraph has been written, it should be examined to see whether subdivision will not improve it.
His health did not improve although his work had never been more brilliant.
Both must change, or neither can improve to any great extent.
And in study after study, they concluded that caffeine actually does improve performance.
But their chances improve if they were already engaged when they began living together.
The government is gingerly taking steps to improve things.
The question is rather whether or not restricting the growth of cities will improve quality of life.
Many people vehemently accuse the authorities of doing little to improve their lot.
The three main goals are to reduce prices, improve the security of supply and combat climate change.
Much has gone into infrastructure, which ought to improve the rate of productivity growth.
They need to do two things: invest in the productive capacity of agriculture and improve the operation of food markets.
If the government hoped to strengthen the peso or improve financial transparency, it has accomplished the opposite.
Business and consumer confidence have continued to improve.
Helping such anarchic places to improve their governance a bit has many benefits.
So less imports will improve current account deficits.
To improve capitalism, you first need to understand it.
Americans are unhappy, and becoming more so, about their country's prospects and politicians' efforts to improve them.
It's used to aerate red wines to quickly improve its character.
Sidewalks, education programs and traffic calming measures are some of the ways to improve conditions.
Science is progressing fast to develop safe and effective cognitive enhancers, drugs which will improve our mental abilities.
New drugs to improve memory and cognitive performance in impaired individuals are under intensive study.
These solutions can help improve air quality, whether it warms or not.
Researchers investigate how fungi and other symbiotic microbes could improve plants.
The results of the experiments could help improve fire-fighting technology in space.
Providing them with modern energy would improve public health and combat climate change.
It will certainly be used to improve understanding of currently known phenomenon.
Making science jobs appear more exciting would also improve their attractiveness.
But really, who believes that an exhortation to communicate will improve communication for someone who hasn't studied it.
It purports to improve energy, speed weight loss and boost general wellbeing.
They will improve only after satellites surrounding the planet are upgraded.
And research has shown that when patients are more comfortable with their doctors, it can improve mental and physical wellbeing.
And the caffeine did not improve a drunk animal's ability to learn.
Another pair of questions essentially asked if the state of reading and writing would improve.
Here are five insider secrets to improve your network.
He struggled initially after his promotion, but he has the makeup to improve.
Leadership will be at the heart of all our efforts to improve our organizations and our world.
Most important, children's diets would improve significantly.
Hammerhead sharks are consummate predators that use their oddly shaped heads to improve their ability to find prey.
More efficiently use existing water resources and better control salinization to improve arid lands.
Industrialized countries have worked to reduce levels of sulfur dioxide, smog, and smoke in order to improve people's health.
It's hoped that the red glow, which appears in every organ of the cats, will improve the study of genetic diseases.
If you see a picture but the light is too harsh, wait an hour to see if conditions improve.
Phasing out subsidies will improve efficiency in many cases.
Either technology had to improve or my attention span had to improve.
Reducing aggressive driving on the highway can improve your gas mileage significantly.
The experience of building and running the first few plants should lower costs and improve reliability.
Another is that the local residents' quality of life should improve as the ecosystem's health improves.
These structures control flooding and improve navigation, but they also trap sediment or funnel it completely through to the sea.
Mountain goats have cloven hooves with two toes that spread wide to improve balance.
Here are some basic camera settings that will improve your underwater imagery.
He is collaborating on a paper about how intellectual diversity would improve social psychology.
The committee also recommends improving accreditation as a possible way to improve teacher education.
The new policy is intended to give professors more time, not for their research, but to improve their teaching.
Your experience will help you improve your safety here.
During the first two or three years in practice, your skills seem to improve almost daily.
Even when businesses try to improve service, they often fail.
These tactics are not going to improve the credit-card industry's dismal reputation.
But the megacity doesn't encourage social responsibility and collective action to improve public life.
He will be taught by experienced craftsmen, and his pay will rise as his skills improve.
Research has shown that self-awareness helps us improve self-regulation.
In reality, though, the proliferation of diverse voices may actually improve our overall ability to think.
No one can say for certain that these initiatives will improve efficiency enough to slow the growth in health care spending.
We need to have robots interacting with a lot of people, and then improve what the robots do according to peoples' feedback.
We will improve the speed at which data travels in space every-so-slightly faster than the previous generation of broadband.
Unemployment will inevitably improve in these cities.
The challenge is to harness these changes in ways that improve the experience.
He used that insight to improve design interfaces, making them friendlier and more helpful.
It should crack down on predatory lending and improve disclosure.
Yet, the housing market will improve and return to normal eventually.
As designers, this realization is humbling, but also something that can improve our own form.
The only way to get more stuff as a society is to improve our productive capacity, mostly by research and capital investment.
But these are small matters, probably easy to improve upon and cure.
He sat down and made a list of ways to improve the department.
They, and the students, were all told that the exercise was meant to improve writing skills.
Whether that information will actually help improve people's health remains to be seen.
Research groups around the world are developing ingenious robotic devices to improve people's health.
Researchers say adding an antireflective surface, which exists in the hornet's exoskeleton, could improve that performance.
Other scientists are garnering evidence for the anecdotal claims that fish oils improve cognitive functioning.
Gastronomy is knowledge, albeit knowledge that can improve your cooking and your appreciation of it.
One theory is that oxygen can help reduce inflammation and improve flow of oxygen to brain tissue.
The goal is to do the same for humans someday and thus improve their insulin sensitivity.
Any activity that keeps these visual circuits in better working order may improve overall cognitive functioning.
At each one of these stages you improve the thing, still staying with the basic body plan.
Important measures have been implemented to improve patient safety in hospitals and clinics.
Yet many of the children's adventures have to do with attempts to improve the family's finances.
Most such trials last for six to eight weeks, and during that time, patients tend to improve somewhat even without any treatment.
Nonetheless, her children's prospects do not seem to improve.
We are agreed that something must be done to improve the nation's health.
And the system of checks and balances, in a large republic, would help to improve deliberation.
Losing the best player on the team can sometimes improve its performance.
Projects presented at a major conference show how augmented reality can improve.
Biotech innovations improve the country's core industries of mining and salmon fishing.
Sensory feedback via the tongue might improve neural prostheses.
The goal is to improve the technology's efficiency and decrease its cost in an effort to speed commercialization.
Such targeted delivery could significantly improve both the safety and effectiveness of cancer drugs.
The technique can reduce the amount of other materials used and improve solar-cell performance.
In early clinical trials, it was shown to improve patient survival one month after treatment better than dialysis alone.
The data can be uploaded to a website that allows users to track sleep statistics and gives suggestions for how to improve sleep.
They've demonstrated the design using silicon, but say it should improve the performance of other thermoelectric materials, too.
Perhaps the biggest winners will be companies with technologies to improve energy efficiency.
We will take whatever actions are needed to improve cross-strait relations and to ensure permanent peace across the strait.
Five recommendations to improve literacy among adolescents in the upper elementary, middle, and high school grades.
Thank you for allowing us to help improve your delivery and for your continued readership.
Virtually everyone could improve their health by eating more vegetables and fruits, organic or not.

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