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Example sentences for impression

Although the gate leads nowhere, it gives the impression that the garden continues and helps reduce the feeling of confinement.
But seriously, your first impression of a country is often made in an airport.
For three thousand years thereafter, the place made little impression.
Their wealth and prosperity, as compared with conditions in the home country, made a deep impression upon him.
But face-to-face, their animated faces made a deeper impression.
Once thought to have been a tetrapod footprint, this trace is now thought to be the impression of a starfish.
Some are made out of ignorance, some carefully constructed to give a misleading impression.
Yet the overall impression was one of dingy neglect and piecemeal repair.
More ice means less drink, so it saves them money, but gives the impression of being a full drink.
But scientific evidence is slowly correcting that impression.
People keen to make a positive impression on a new acquaintance might want to meet over a hot drink, a new study suggests.
Space's largest molecules, known as buckyballs, drift out of a nebula in an artist's impression.
Remember to use color creatively in an image to leave an overall impression on the viewer.
For a fish with a vicious reputation, this one makes a disarming first impression.
Enthusiasm about hydrogen-fueled cars may give the wrong impression.
The program did give a wonderful impression of the mind-staggering vastness of space.
But his reaction is cementing business leaders' impression that he is indifferent to their concerns.
They leave a troubling impression of an arrogant government, out of touch with its deputies and contemptuous of the popular mood.
The brain itself does not fossilise, but the inside of the cranium retains an impression of its contours.
With one or two exceptions, the chosen papers convey an impression of economics as a tidy, coherent discipline.
The government has renamed the national army to create an impression of unity.
In the past few weeks other cases have emerged, giving an impression of a country awash with graft and skulduggery.
The impression of growing stress across much of the world economy is nonetheless inescapable.
But this rests on an out-dated impression that poor countries mainly export to rich ones.
One priority should be to counter the impression that they are acquiring their new empires by accident.
The result, he says, was that the commission gave the impression that there would be no quake.
Yet no euro-area country wants to give its more profligate fellows the impression that their debts will be covered.
Both give the strong impression of not being in politics merely to survive or slither to the top.
Although you see him only from the waist up, he gives the impression that he is kneeling.
But the overall impression so far is that the publication of the tests will be only a partial stress-reliever.
But he did not seem to be able to retain any impression of anything for more than a blink.
On a visit a month ago, the impression was of an establishment treading water.
If you read the papers or watch the news, you might get the impression that this is big news.
My impression, possibly incorrect, is of a country with limited natural resources and an uneducated population.
He wrote with a great impression of ease, yet he obtained an effect of great brilliance and felicity.
She knew that the fact of his presence would create an impression.
Character dulls the impression of particular events.
The impression it leaves on the reader is one of almost unrelieved gloom.
Because of this, the original impression in the dream must of necessity be entirely changed.
If this sounds uninteresting and obvious, the proper impression is conveyed.
It gives the impression that nothing immoral or illegal took place.
But seeing all this firsthand mainly gives a more detailed confirmation of the impression they already had.
If people don't read the caption, the chart may give the opposite impression of what it's aiming for.
No candidate better illustrates the maxim that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
His lean physique, close-cropped hair, and stick-out ears can give the impression of a slightly pushy undergraduate.
The mind meanders, slipping from one impression to another, from reality to memory to dreamscape and back again.
The initial impression he gave was of total physical exhaustion.
One has the impression that history occurs on weekdays.
There were some people who got the impression that it might be dangerous to go to the movie.
Maximizers, on the other hand, were less likely to change their impression of the posters after they selected one.
Then, look into your heart and be thankful for who you are and your impression of yourself.
Dissent, contrary to your apparent impression, is quite welcome in the sciences.
The psychopath is obsessed with control even if they give the impression of being helpless.
If you're a good fit, they'll be able to get that impression from your twitter feed or blog posts.
Marjorie seemed to have a particular impression on the lab.
Nevertheless, my impression from the article is they have a long way to go to demonstrating their claim.
It gives me the impression that this is more about aesthetics than serious science and technology.
Thus, the galaxies give us the impression of moving away from each other.
Unfortunately, it seems to me that was the impression a few readers got.
Yet my impression is that deceiving people through lying or otherwise is endemic in higher education.
If the students gets a bad impression of the interviewer, the student will have a bad impression of the school.
The point is to decide on the impression and tone you're aiming for.
Job interviews are so much about the general impression of the candidate, personally.
But nerves, the observer effect, and pedagogic blunders can conspire to conjure up the wrong impression of your teaching skills.
If you succeed in conveying that impression, you'll be on your way to a campus visit.
Make sure each group you meet takes away a good impression of you.
My impression is that there will be a combination of both centralized and decentralized approaches.
Nor does it help that the show's initial impression was decidedly mixed.
But to have an airline go all out to make an impression is a little different.
New research could help advertisers make a better impression.
There are numerous shortcuts and tricks that a clever programmer can exploit to give the impression of empathy and understanding.
Physics departments has to give impression to students that they learned and understood something.
If you had to blame one thing for the mistaken impression about glia, it would have to be electricity.
Fixed on one image, its response dies out, and the impression of depth disappears.
But my first impression is that the synthesis is going in the wrong direction.
My impression is that a lot of departments have hired faculty in astronomy over the last ten years or so.
My impression also is that it is a reflection from something on the ground.
People do go a lot by first impression and by appearances.
T he public impression is almost necessarily static: postage-stamp mutual devotion.
They ardently discuss each other's poetry, though often giving the impression that the other doesn't understand it.
The mistakes took little away from the overall impression of excellence.

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