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He would be forbidden to consume alcohol, use illicit drugs, or possess a gun.
The goal was to gather enough evidence to halt the illicit trade by putting the counterfeiters behind bars.
It soon became obvious that whatever spark they had between them had been kept alive by the illicit nature of the relationship.
We applaud this decision, and urge those who engage in these illicit practices to stop driving the prices of textbooks up.
That's why companies were so willing to pay off financial aid officials or obtain illicit subsidies.
As soon as the he hung up, he felt a pulse of excitement, the promise of illicit thrills.
Nor have the prices of illicit drugs-which would rise sharply if the drug war were having any success-changed appreciably.
E-mail won't be perfect until it comes up with a secret code for communicating with your illicit lover.
It's one of those things that no one can quite explain, though theories- mostly related to illicit activities- abound.
Underground poker clubs have the lure of the illicit.
Scientists have developed a new weapon for the war on drugs: a novel method for tracing the illicit substances on currency.
In addition, smokers are more likely to take illicit drugs than non-smokers are.
Detecting illicit tunnels, which can run far deeper, require more powerful radars.
It was an open secret that illegal miners enjoyed political cover bought with illicit donations.
In routine criminal matters, fines are often double the illicit gains.
Most agents are registered, but a few illicit ones drum up trade by offering good rates.
Illicit distribution of copyrighted software is way up this year.
None of these services can match the catalog or-to state the obvious-the pricing of the illicit choices.
The flow of illicit games and movies slowed briefly, then resumed.
Illicit use ketamine is commonly diverted from veterinary sources.
Every day, they intercept an illicit flow of narcotics, money and weapons headed both north and south across the border.
Other problems include illicit cultivation of marijuana and heavy deforestation.
Although exact figures are unknown, the yakuza are estimated to earn billions of dollars each year from their illicit activities.
Illicit use of ketamine is commonly diverted from veterinary sources.
Normally crops grow outdoors, using the sun for energy-but illicit drugs often carry an outsized impact on the planet.
Producers are turning to livestock farming and the cultivation of illicit drugs, both less eco-friendly endeavors.
There are other areas of research, say stem cells for example, that illicit the same sort of controversy.
They don't recall the specific details, so all it does is illicit a positive response in their minds.
And he suspended or fired some officers he suspected of illicit activity.
But these are the characteristics of the current illicit organ trade.
He flatly denies that he ever so much as touched, let alone inhaled, any form of illicit narcotic.
We all know the coolest kids are either pressuring or being pressured to participate in illicit behavior.
The proven benefits to some suffering patients outweigh the potential costs of marijuana being diverted to illicit uses.
As the country's exports of rice have declined, its illicit export of drugs has soared.
The ship was searched, and the illicit cargo seized.
Not for sales trips, not for hunting with the boys and certainly not for anything illicit.
They were acting on a tip-off about possible illicit activity.
Sure, there is a pretty obvious distinction between thinking illicit thoughts and acting on them.

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